Why Are Electric Scooters Growing In Popularity?

More and more people use electric scooters in life. Whether it is for daily commuting or as a means of transportation when traveling, people are more and more inseparable from electric scooters. 

  • Time Saving

One of the main reasons why scooters are becoming popular is because of their ability to help people reach their destination faster than walking and other means of personal transportation.

E-scooter vs walking: Mark has 3 part-time jobs and he spends 4 hours for each job daily. He spends 20 minutes walking from one job to another. After having a scooter, he only spends 5 minutes riding from one job to another. He saved 45 minutes daily.

E-scooter vs bicycle: Richard was riding on a bicycle going to school and spent 8 minutes cycling from his home to school daily. After receiving a personal mobility device birthday gift from his uncle, he only spends 5 minutes. The reason is that he can bring his scooter inside his classroom while he needed to leave the bicycle chained in the parking area. The parking area is a 10-minute walk from the parking lot.

  • Easy To Ride

Riding electric scooters has changed the way people travel. Commuters use electric scooters to avoid daily commuting rushes and urban congestion, allowing themselves to have their own place in the busy city traffic. Travelers riding electric scooters can enjoy the scenery along the way and feel the thrill of speed.

An e-scooter provides enough power to tackle the hills during a ride, so riding an electric scooter gives more confidence in getting around. And the fact that people need to wear equipment such as safety helmets and elbow and knee pads when riding an electric scooter not only gives riders a certain base of protection, but also raises awareness of safety.  

  • Staying Healthy

Studies have shown that regular electric scooter rides can make people more emotionally active, which is good for physical and mental health.

Compared to traditional scooters, e-scooters may be more suitable for cyclists than traditional scooters because in many cases they can travel longer distances.

But each country has its own rules for riding electric scooters, thanks to the fact that they usually travel faster than regular scooters and are, in fact, more suitable for adults.

Here are two Kugoo electric scooters for your reference:

The Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro with detachable saddle, which is equipped with a 500W power motor and three speeds to suit your needs on different roads. It is equipped with a 48V/16Ah battery, which provides enough power for your ride, so that you don't have to deal with the embarrassment of a dead battery halfway through your ride. The detachable seat allows you to free your feet when riding, making it the perfect choice for commuting or traveling.
Kugoo G2 Pro is a high-power electric scooter, which is designed for riders who are more demanding of speed. It is equipped with an 800W motor, a 48V/15Ah battery, the maximum speed is 50km/h and the range is 50km. It can also allow you to ride a long distance when it meets your speed requirements. This electric scooter can definitely meet your needs for daily commuting, and if you ride it while traveling, it will definitely bring you a very good riding experience.

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