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The Kirin G3 is an extremely capable off-road scooter. Performance is excellent on both road and light gravel and sandy surfaces, but less so on grassland. There's certainly a limit to the type of off-roading you're going to do. It should handle anything up to the most difficult of bike trails, but the suspension is stiff, and the ride is going to get bumpy. Probably the most fun you can have on a scooter.

- MakeUseOf

Range is better than I expected and averged for this price range. Brakes are very good, some of the best in this range.

- Electric Revolution

Overall I think for 600 bucks, this is much better choice than the ninebot max. The Kirin M4 Pro is one of the best €600 scooters you can get right now.

- Tech4All

The Kugoo G2 Pro electric scooter is all about value for money. This mini-vehicle gives you a powerful motor, a large battery, remarkable suspension, and dual disc brakes, all at a price that will never hurt your wallet. Scooters with the exact specifications and performance as the G2 Pro will often cost double.

- Scooter Guide

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