Will You Watch Your Phone While Riding An Electric Scooter?

Have you ever found that in our daily life, whether we are walking, riding, or driving, we always see some people looking at their mobile phones. These people may be chatting, texting, calling, listening to music, or playing video games. In fact, when people focus on their mobile phones, they may not realize the dangers in the surrounding environment, so that they may suffer some serious injuries when participating in public transportation.

According to some recent studies, experts have found that accident rates caused by people who look at their mobile phones while walking, cycling, or driving are much higher than those who don't. Therefore, experts have repeatedly called for pedestrians, riders and drivers not to look at their mobile phones when participating in public transportation in order to protect their personal safety and the safety of others around them.

What if  we encounter pedestrians, riders, and drivers who look at their phones while riding? How can we reduce accidents?

1. Please check  the electric scooter and wear safety protection measures before riding

  • Checking that the electric scooter is fully charged and that all parts are in good condition before riding it is a prerequisite for safe riding;
  • Wearing a helmet and elbow and knee pads to prevent yourself from being injured while riding.

2. Please follow the traffic rules when riding electric scooters

  • Whether it is a pedestrian, a rider or a driver, observing traffic rules when participating in public transportation is the first prerequisite to ensure our safety;
  • Obeying the traffic lights, driving on the right road, riding at a compliant speed is what we should do.

3. Please slow down your speed in complicated traffic

  • At high-traffic intersections or on roads with complicated traffic, we need to reduce our speed, and if possible we should ride at the lowest possible speed through such roads.
  • When you encounter pedestrians looking at their mobile phones, it's a good idea to ring the bell to alert those around you, slow down or stop and wait for passers-by.

4. Please concentrate and don’t look at your phone while riding

  • As mentioned above, whether we are walking, riding or driving on the road, when participating in public transportation, we should pay our full attention instead of looking at our mobile phones.
  • Riding full attention instead of staring at the phone is not only to protect our own personal safety, but also to protect the safety of those around us.

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