The new Kugookirin S4 is about to go on sale. What else don't we know about it?

After the introduction of our last article, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of Kugookirin S4.

Considering that new readers may not know, here is a small editor to take you to briefly review the advantages of Kugookirin S4:

3 kinds of speed mode:

15 kmh / 25 kmh / 35 kmh (9.32 mph / 15.53 mph/ 21.75 mph) for free to choose;

40 km/24.85 miles of battery life:

charging once a week, it can support a whole week of commuting;

10 inch / 25.4 cm tires:

Oversized pneumatic tires make the ride smoother, providing excellent shock absorption and a comfortable ride;

Widened pedal design:

Compared with ordinary scooters, it has increased by 30%. And a load-bearing capacity of 220 lbs/100 kg;

3 steps to achieve folding:

portable folding design, no longer have to worry about being stolen.

Powerful motor and motor:

360Wh battery provides stable endurance; 500W motor helps you to cross slopes and steep roads easily.

Large-scale intelligent touch screen control:

battery remaining, riding speed, motor temperature and other data are clear at a glance.

Sensitive braking response:

Respond to electronic braking within 0.1 seconds to achieve high-speed braking without locking the tires.


3 built-in security functions help you be safer.

So, about Kugookirin S4, what else is it that we don't know? We will answer them one by one in the form of question and answer:

Q: When does the event start and end?

Answer: The first event time for this time is September 27 -- 30, 2021, please remember to adjust your alarm clock to participate!

Q: What is the price of Kugokirin S4 activity?

Answer: During the event, the price of Kugookirin S4 is set at $399 (excluding tax). In addition, each customer who subscribes can get a 30-dollar free coupon, don’t miss it!
Coupon collection address:

Q: Is there an exclusive right to open?

Answer: Of course there is. We have specially opened some exclusive rights for everyone: for example: We will quickly arrange shipments from overseas warehouses within 24 hours; After everyone places an order, our logistics will be delivered within 3-7 days; Buyers can enjoy 7-day unreasonable return, 1-year warranty service; Customer service that must respond within 24 hours;

Q: Where can we buy it?

Answer: You can go directly to our sales page through this link:

Action is better than thought, on September 27th, we'll see you on that day! 

If you have any other questions, please leave a message and let us know~