Deflate The Tires of Your Electric Scooter Can Prevent It From Slipping? Wrong!

In winter, the road surface is more slippery than in summer, many people riding electric scooters will feel that the tires do not grip the ground firmly, so it is easy to skid. Two-wheeled electric scooters are not like four-wheeled cars, and a slip can easily lead to a safety accident. This is why it is important to pay attention to the safety of electric scooters in winter. Then, how do you ride an electric scooter safely in winter?

Kugoo has a few tips for you, so let's take a look!

Deflate the tires of your electric scooter can prevent it from slipping? Wrong!

Some scooter owners believe that lowering the tire pressure of their scooter will prevent it from slipping, but this is actually a wrong approach. The main reason for slipping on a wet road is that there is not enough friction between the tires and the road.

How can we effectively prevent the tires from slipping?

First of all, let's analyze the principle of braking. Braking mainly relies on the friction between the tires and the road surface to slow down or stop the electric scooter. When braking on a slippery road, you must ensure that there is enough power to drain the water between the tire and the road to prevent slipping and stabilize when you stop.

Secondly, by releasing some of the gas in the electric scooter's tires, the area of the tires in contact with the ground is enlarged, but the enlarged area is actually very limited. At the same time, it is worth noting that although the area of the tire touching the ground had been larger, the pressure per unit area of the tire touching the ground is reduced, which in turn makes the braking force weaker. This results in the inability to drain the water between the tire and the ground, then the water that has not been drained is more like a lubricant, making the electric scooter skid for a longer distance, which can seriously lead to a sideslip.

Please choose anti-skid tires

When an electric scooter equipped with different tires brakes on a slippery road in an emergency, the size and pattern of the electric scooter's tire have a great influence on the anti-skid effect. Generally speaking, the pattern on the tire has two major functions: one is to increase friction, and the other is to drain water in time. There is a small drainage ditch on the anti-skid tire, which can quickly drain the water out of the contact surface between the tire and the ground in rainy days to achieve the purpose of anti-skid. Some ordinary tires or tires with worn patterns do not have anti-skid drainage ditch and are easy to slip. Therefore, it is particularly important to replace worn out tires in time or choose anti-skid tires with drainage patterns.


Use the brakes correctly

Electric scooter skidding is most likely to occur during emergency braking. Sudden emergency braking on a slippery road can easily cause wheels to slip out of control. When riding on wet and slippery roads, the rider's braking action should be gentle. Under the premise of ensuring safety, brake gradually, never brake to death all at once. Generally the rider presses the brake slowly and when he feels his body leaning slightly forward, then he need to relax the pressed brake to remove the inertial force of the scooter's forward motion. Then take further brakes according to the feedback status of the electric scooter until braking is completed.

Be careful when passing road markings

Now the city's road zebra crossings and various road traffic markings are sprayed with high-strength chemical coatings, which will be several millimeters higher than the ground and smoother than the road surface. Especially after the rain is soaked, riding on these marking lines is very easy to slip, and when you accidentally brake on it, it is more likely to slip and fall. Therefore, please do not drive too fast when passing such a marking line.

Furthermore, please develop a riding habit that obeys traffic laws. It is the primary factor to ensure driving safety. Most of Kugoo's electric scooters can have a top speed of more than 15km/h. If you are traveling in winter, we recommend that you use the lowest speed to drive, so as to ensure your safety and let you feel riding in winter fun of.