Can I Ride Electric Scooter in Cold Winter?

For the rider, riding an electric scooter can be fun and easy when the conditions are perfect - the right temperature, the right route, the right electric scooter, the right time, etc.

However, as the temperature drops, winter is getting closer and closer. Riding a scooter in the cold winter is obviously not the same as when the conditions are perfect.

We can feel that riding an electric scooter is significantly more difficult in cold winter than usual.

As shown in the picture above, such a scene is very common in winter. If you are sure that you have the ability to ride an electric scooter in such a situation, then this blog is written for you.

When the temperature drops below zero, riding an electric scooter is not an easy task. Our hands will be frozen and operating the electric scooter will become slower. But for you, we know that you do not want to stop. 

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You Can Keep Riding Your Electric Scooter in Cold Winter

As you know, the impact of the temperature in the cold winter on the experience of riding an electric scooter cannot be ignored.

In such a low temperature environment, it is very necessary for us to figure out how to protect ourselves and our electric scooter from the low temperature before riding.

If you want to ride your electric scooter in winter, if you don't want your electric scooter to spend the winter alone in the corner, if you want to continue riding your electric scooter in the spring after winter...

Please Be Aware of These Things Before Your Riding:

First of all, we must be aware that not everyone can ride electric scooters in winter. The cold weather is obviously a very important factor, which we have to consider.

Then, you need to know what to prepare before starting

For those who are already familiar with electric scooter riding, these may be very boring, but we still want to remind you, and hope you can pay attention to this.

If you have already read here, then let's get started!

Things You Can Do For Your Electric Scooter:

Riding an electric scooter in the cold winter is a completely different experience to riding one in the summer.

Below freezing temperatures, windy conditions, slippery roads and reduced visibility are just some of the things we encounter when riding.

Whatever the conditions, there are steps we need to take with our scooters to make them safer to ride.

You will need to do the following:

  • Make sure you are using tires that are suitable for cold winter riding
  • Regularly maintain the scooter's battery and other accessories
  • Clean the scooter after each ride
  • Learn some winter riding tips 

Things You Can Do For Yourself:

Riding an electric scooter in a cold environment is more difficult than in summer, and warm clothing is essential.

After all, if your clothes are not warm enough, you may regret that your clothes are too thin before you even start riding.

Or you insist on continuing to ride, but over time, your hands and feet will be frozen.

When your reaction becomes slow and the operation of the electric scooter is no longer so flexible (when you can't easily brake or turn), it will become a very dangerous thing if you continue to ride the electric scooter on the road.

You will need to do the following:

  • Prepare warm clothes in advance
  • Slowly brake and ride in low speed 
  • Control your single ride time
  • Plan riding routes in advance
  • Wear safety protection equipment

Tips for Riding Electric Scooter in Cold Winter:

1. Use Right Tires

Because of the cold and low temperature, it is very common for the road to become slippery due to the rain and snow in the winter.

If you do not confirm whether the tires of your electric scooter are suitable for such a road environment before riding, then you are likely to fall while riding.

The tires suitable for winter riding must be wide enough, soft enough, non-slip enough, and as large as possible. Kugoo G-Booster's off-road tires meet the above requirements very well, allowing you to have a safe travel experience.

2. Maintain Your Battery
As we all know, compared to the high temperature environment in summer, the capacity of the battery is obviously reduced in the low temperature environment in winter, sometimes it may only reach 2/3 of the electric capacity in summer. This is destined to be impossible to ride an electric scooter in winter as far as summer.

So you can place the electric scooter in a warm environment for charging, and you can also charge the electric scooter when not in use during the day (the effect of charging during the day is generally better than charging at night).

Of course, checking whether other accessories are in good condition before riding is also an indispensable prerequisite to ensure safe riding.

In addition, if you plan not to ride an electric scooter for a long time, please remember to charge it regularly to avoid damaging the battery.

3. Clean Your Scooter

Riding an electric scooter in winter will inevitably make it stick to rain, snow or muddy water on the road. Due to the wind during the ride, the muddy water may turn into ice. But when we place the electric scooter in a warm environment, the melted ice will turn into muddy water, which may flow into the electric scooter and cause damage to the battery or other parts.

Cleaning the rain, snow and muddy water on the electric scooter in time is also a way to protect the electric scooter and make it more durable.

Tips: Please check the waterproof coefficient before riding the electric scooter in winter. If the waterproof coefficient is low, it is not recommended to ride the electric scooter on rainy and snowy days.

4. Keep Warm And Safe
As mentioned above, make sure you are dressed warmly enough before you start riding - after all, riding in cold temperatures, if a rider is not dressed warmly enough, he or she may quickly freeze and compromise his or her mobility and judgement.

It is also essential to ride slowly, after all, the roads are slippery in winter and if you are travelling too fast, it will greatly increase the risk of the ride when the rider encounters danger or an emergency. So, riding slowly = protecting your life.

5. Wear Helmet And Protect Gears
We have always emphasized that customers need to wear helmets and protective gear when riding electric scooters. These protective equipment can protect you when you encounter danger and minimize the possibility of your injury.

Please wear a helmet and protective gear even though you feel troublesome!

Please wear a helmet and protective gear even though you feel troublesome!

Please wear a helmet and protective gear even though you feel troublesome!

6. Obeying Traffic Order
Whether in winter or summer, it is important that we observe local laws and traffic regulations when riding our scooters. For safety reasons, when encountering pedestrians and vehicles, we can stop and wait for them to pass before we continue our ride.

Turning and braking should also be done slowly, otherwise the slippery road surface can easily cause you to fall.

7. Control word riding time
If it is too cold outside, we do not recommend that you ride outdoors for a long time. After all, the capacity of the electric scooter battery is limited. If you ride outside for a long time, if the electric scooter runs out of power, you will need to  push it home. In the cold winter, this is obviously not an easy task.