Kugookirin S4 New Launch Campaign is in full swing, this coupon, have you used it?

The long-awaited Kugookirin S4 premiere event, after so many previews, this time, it's really here!

The event is in full swing, have you participated yet?

The event will be held from 27-30 September 2021, so please feel free to come and join us.


Activity link:


If you haven't taken part in this campaign yet, then congratulations! Because anyone who enters the shop now will have the chance to receive a $30 no-threshold voucher on a first-come, first-served basis!

Don't miss out on this chance to get and use the coupon, because the next time you can get a deal like this, you don't know when it will be.

Coupon collection link


For those of you who have managed to snap up a Kugookirin S4, that is even more to congratulate you! Because you are about to have a great value for money urban commuter scooter and we are sure that it will bring you very many surprises. We will also quickly arrange delivery from overseas warehouse within 24 hours, so that the package can be delivered within 3-7 days.

A great urban commuter scooter, the Kugookirin S4 excels in terms of speed, range, design details of the product and the service of the purchase benefits. So what are you waiting for?

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Action is better than heart. Just now, come and take away your Kugookirin S4!