Some People Can Ride An Electric Bike For 3 Years, Why Can't You?

Electric bikes have now become an important partner for family travel. As a member of our family, have you treated your electric bikes well? Why are some people always complaining that the electric bikes of the same price can be ridden by others for 3 or 4 years without breaking, but why did their own electric bikes break down after riding for less than a year?

Q: Did they buy a defective product?

A: Actually not.

It is said that buying an electric bike is easy, but maintaining an electric bike is difficult. Although electric bikes are not expensive, they will be scrapped after only a year or less of use, which will inevitably cause some distress. In fact, the life of electric bikes from the factory is about 3 years. If they are well maintained, they can be used for a longer time. However, some people generally report that the quality of electric bikes has deteriorated. Is this really the case?

Electric bikes are mainly composed of frames, motors, batteries, controllers, tires, brakes, lamps and internal wiring. There is no uniform scrapping standard for electric bikes, but they usually have a useful life, which is mainly determined by the degree of corrosion of the frame. Because other parts are broken and can be replaced, only the frame corrodes and must be replaced with a new electric bike.

So, what situations will cause the electric bike frame to be damaged in advance?

In daily use, if we do not pay attention to the sun protection and rain protection of electric bikes, and leave the electric bikes outdoors after every ride. The electric bikes would get exposed to the wind and rain, especially in the wet and rainy season. If the electric bike is exposed to the outdoors for a long time without any protection, the paint of the electric bicycle frame is prone to peeling.

Typhoon weather in coastal areas is very common, and the seawater is alkaline. If the screws of the electric bike frame are not tightened or come off, the alkaline water vapor can easily penetrate into the interior of the electric bike frame. Usually, the outside of the frame of an electric bike is sprayed with waterproof and rust-proof paint, but there is no such protective paint inside. When the alkaline water vapor penetrates into the inside of the frame of the electric bike, the frame will be corroded, causing the frame of the electric bike to be damaged or broken in advance.

Electric bikes are generally rated to carry a maximum of around 150kg. We often see electric bike riders on the street with packages of various sizes, their own weight plus the weight of the package is much greater than the rated weight of the electric bike. Overloading is also harmful to the frame of the electric bike. The high intensity of extrusion will cause the frame to bend, and in the long term, the bent part will lose its paint, which will then be oxidised and corroded by the air, thus shortening the life of the e-scooter.

In general, how long an electric bike can last depends not on the thickness of the steel frame but on the paint finish and steel pipe material of the frame, and its corrosion resistance determines how long your electric bike can last. The plastic parts of electric bikes are also very important. Low-quality plastic parts are prone to cracking, fading and paint loss after being exposed to the sun. While, Kugoo electric bikes do not have such problems, so if the electric bikes need to be used for a long time, protecting the frame and plastic parts comes first.

Therefore, after daily use, we need to park the electric bike in a dry place in the underground parking garage as much as possible, instead of leaving it outdoors for a long time, exposing it to sunlight or rain. When charging, we should choose to charge as much as possible in a tent with an electric bike intelligent charging pile or in an open indoor place. If you can only put the electric bike outdoors, you can buy a sun protection raincoat to cover the electric bike when it is not in use to prevent it from being exposed to the sun or rain.

The last thing we need to pay attention to is, please avoid heavy objects to squeeze the electric bike frame, so that our electric bike can accompany us for a longer time!