Under What Circumstances Should an Electric Scooter be Scrapped?

Electric scooter users often ask us under what circumstances electric scooters need to be scrapped. Regarding this issue, let’s analyze it in detail today. Specifically, when the following four characteristics of electric vehicles appear, users are required to take measures to replace them with new ones.

Aging of parts
As we all know, electric scooters are assembled from a series of parts such as motors, controllers, batteries, frames and wheels. Each part has a certain life span, usually 3~5 years. Therefore, when a series of accessories such as motors, controllers, batteries, and frames are seriously aging, the entire electric scooter is very dangerous to use. It's better for you to dispose of the original electric scooters in a timely manner and purchase a new one to ensure your travel safety.

Short battery life
If the power of the electric scooter is unstable or the battery life is short, it is one of the signs that the electric scooter needs to be scrapped. To put it simply, if you need to charge your electric scooter every day, but the range is very short, usually below 1/3 of the rated range, and it's time to scrap it for a new one. Why does this happen? The main reason is a faulty battery that cannot be repaired and can only be solved by replacing it with a new one.

So can customers disassemble the battery of the electric scooter by themselves?
In general, we do not recommend that customers dismantle the batteries of their scooters.

  • Private disassembly may cause a short circuit in the wiring, which will seriously lead to the battery of the electric scooter being scrapped, thus affecting your use and daily travel.
  • Secondly, as the battery pack will expose the internal circuit of the body after removal, and the internal circuit of the body has high voltage, if the user touches the internal circuit, he/she is likely to receive electric shock, so please do not disassemble it by yourself to avoid danger.

If there is a problem with the body, you can contact our Kugoo after-sales service for advice, and then follow the professional repair video to carry out a self-check. Alternatively, you can contact your local electric scooter repair centre and seek professional help. 

Poor quality
Poor quality electric scooters also need to be scrapped and replaced. Why do you say that? There are two main reasons: First, the safety risk of poor quality electric scooters is very high, accompanied by the risk of body breakage and the risk of battery explosion. Second, according to the current international standards, the quality of electric scooters has very clear and strict factory standards. If the data of your electric scooters does not meet the corresponding international standards, then your electric scooters are very good It may be defective. If you ride for a long time, it is likely to damage your health and increase the risk of traveling.

Severe deformation
The collision of electric scooters in use is inevitable. Generally speaking, a small collision has no effect on the frame of the electric scooter, but some electric scooters may be severely deformed after a strong collision. If you continue to severely deform the electric scooter, it will greatly increase your travel risk. For example, the direction becomes difficult to control, or it is very difficult to brake. Therefore, if the electric scooter has been severely deformed, it also needs to be scrapped and replaced.

In short, for users, if the electric scooter has the above four characteristics, and the repair effect of the electric scooter is not obvious, then the problem must be solved by scrapping and replacing it. Of course, if it’s just a part of the problem, just replace that part.

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