Things You Should Do Once You Fall When Riding An Electric Scooter

Just like when we were toddlers, we inevitably fall over when we walk. The same is true of riding an electric scooter; even if we are completely prepared, we will occasionally experience a fall.

There is nothing to be afraid of falling off an electric scooter, just stand up and fight again! Today we are not going to talk about motivational articles about getting up from where you fell, but to teach you how to check your body and your electric scooter after a fall. 

When we fall down while riding an electric scooter, the first thing is to make sure that we have not suffered major injuries and can get up from the ground smoothly. We need to move our limbs as soon as possible to see if we are still conscious. If there are no other vehicles passing by for the time being, we need to move the electric scooters to a safe place on the side of the road and then check our body and electric scooter in the following order:

Slow it down

In daily life, many riders usually claim that they are okay after a fall. But often when they forcefully wanted to stand up from the ground, they fell back. In this situation, it's better for us to stand up slowly and observe the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians to ensure our own safety.

We don’t need to get on the electric scooter for a Bunny hop right after a fall. What we need to do is to slowly and as accurately as possible to assess the extent of injury to our body and the electric scooter. 

Before we ride the electric scooter again, we need to make sure whether we can move normally. Can our hands turn 360 degrees? Don’t we feel pain when we turn our necks up, down, left, and right? Take the time to make an assessment, this determines whether you can continue riding or stop for help.

Some basic first aid matters

Checking our bodies immediately after a fall on an electric scooter is a prerequisite for all the subsequent things that follow. For example, move your arms and legs to see if the limbs are still attached to your body and if any of the bones have pierced the skin and caused heavy bleeding there? If you find that you are seriously injured, don't risk going on alone, get help and go to the nearest hospital for treatment. If, after checking your body, you find that you can stand up without any problems and continue to ride the electric scooter, then you have no major injuries on the surface of your body.

Check if you've suffered a concussion from the fall

Checking your helmet for obvious damage is the easiest and most effective way to directly judge whether your head has been seriously injured. If you can remember this rule after falling off an electric scooter, it means that you have not fallen stunned yet. If you fall into a concussion, you will feel disoriented and confused. If you don't even know where you are now, it means that you are already unconscious. In fact, when we ride an electric scooter for too long, the brain will produce a substance that makes us feel happy-endorphins, so that we can feel unreal. At this time, you need to stop and carefully distinguish whether your body is really okay.

Check your electric scooter's wheel set

If you have determined that there are no major scratches or bruises, then you can check your electric scooter.

It is best to check the wheel set first. Because when you fall down during riding, the wheel set is the first and most directly impacted part, and it is also the easiest part to diagnose whether there is a problem.

Kugoo recommends that you first check the tire pressure to see if there is a puncture, whether the motor wheel is damaged, whether it can continue to rotate normally, and then whether there is any problem with the brake. These parts can be confirmed several times.

Checking other parts

Brakes and handlebars are also areas that need to be checked. Usually these parts can usually be broken back into place with force if they have been dropped at an angle, but you need to make sure they are as tight as they were, otherwise a deformed one will increase our risk of injury on the next ride.

Check the frame

Finally, check the frame for cracks or scuffs. This is especially important with carbon frames, as a small crack is likely to grow into a large one as you continue to ride, but not so much with aluminium or steel frames as with carbon frames. If you find cracks in the frame of the electric scooter, please contact your local repair center or our official customer service for help.