Is Electric Scooter Worth It?

It is understandable that you hesitate to purchase an electric scooter because it does seem like a big investment in the beginning. But check out these following reasons of owing an electric scooter before you make your decision.


Scooters are meant to be light and foldable. Average weight of regular electric scooter is 25 - 35 pounds and it does sound a little bit heavy for some people, but once you get an electric scooter you will realize that it is super convenient because you can carry it at school or company and you don’t have to leave it outside, which saves it from being stolen. Just fold it in 3 seconds and put it under your desk.

Kugoo scooter

Getting you free from traffic jam 

Imagine that you were about to be late at work yet you are stuck in traffic jam, if you own an electric scooter, then it won’t be a problem for you anymore. Or you can drive your car to work if you live far and when you meet the traffic jam, just park it near and take the scooter out of your trunk and ride for the rest of miles.

Kugoo scooter

Less maintenance 

Electric scooters hardly need maintenance compared to cars. You just need to check the bolts, tires and brakes before your ride in case accident happens. Actually if your scooter is good- built, these parts usually won’t go wrong. Even though it is broken and needs repair, the cost is still a lot cheaper than repairing cars, because spare parts of cars could be really expensive and not easy to change it by yourself.

Electric scooters

Fast Enough

Electric scooters can speed up to 45km/h. Our Kugoo G booster is even able up to 55km/h. I think the speed is fast enough for commute.

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Good to the environment

The low air quality in big crowded cities does not come from no reason. Cars and motorcycles emit carbon dioxide which pollutes the air. If more people use e scooters or other electric transportation methods, i believe that air will become clearer. Besides, money for gas is saved riding electric scooters.

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Extra Fun

Most of people found riding a scooter is fun. You get to breath fresh air and you get your special freedom. If you don’t like standing up, there are many scooeters come with seats such as Kugoo M4 or M4 pro. Off road scooters are extra fun! I feel like i were an expert every time i was on a off road electric scooters.


e scooter

Anyway, electric scooters are a very efficient commuting way. I bet you won’t regret of buying one.