How To Charge Electric Scooters In Winter?

As the temperature drops, it seems that many people find that their electric scooters can't ride as far as they did in summer.

Sometimes we stop in the middle of the road with a dead battery, which is embarrassing and causes us a lot of trouble. Many people thought it was a battery problem at first, but the situation did not improve even after the battery was sent for repair.

So what should we do to figure out this problem?

First of all, we have to understand whether our electric scooters use lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries.

About lead-acid battery:
Because lead-acid batteries store electricity through a chemical reaction, and the speed and depth of the chemical reaction are closely related to the reaction temperature. The lower the temperature, the slower the reaction and the shallower the reaction depth, so the lead-acid battery seems to have insufficient power when the temperature is low. And the volume of lead-acid batteries is relatively large, generally suitable for relatively large electric vehicles. Kugoo electric scooters are small and very light, so they all use lithium batteries.

About lithium battery:
Lithium batteries are currently favored by people in the market because of their high power density, light weight, and environmental protection. In addition, the lithium battery has a long service life, high rated voltage, high power tolerance, and low self-discharge rate, making it the first choice for electric scooter batteries.

Secondly, when charging electric scooters in winter, please observe the following rules.

Charge indoors in warmer temperatures

The outdoor temperature in winter is much colder than the indoor temperature, which is not conducive to the storage of battery power. We can move the scooter to a warmer room for charging so that the battery can store more power. When charging, don't unplug the charger immediately even when the light shows full, we can charge it for a little longer - the manual for each Kugoo scooter states the best charging time, so in winter we can charge it for an extra hour or so.

Make sure you charge your electric scooter on time

The storage capacity of the battery in winter is obviously not as good as in summer, and sometimes it may only be 2/3 of that in summer. Therefore, we need to charge the electric scooters in time. When the power is 25%, the electric scooters can be charged. But if you have just used the electric scooter and its temperature is still high, you can wait for the electric scooter to cool down a bit before charging.

Excellent Tips to Charge Long-Lasting Electric Scooter Batteries

Do not accelerate to the maximum speed in a short period of time

In winter, the storage capacity of the battery deteriorates, and the speed of the electric scooter is increased to the maximum speed in a short time, and the current inside the battery will suddenly increase, which will not only accelerate the consumption of the battery but also cause waste. Therefore, when riding an electric scooter in winter, it is best to accelerate slowly, to prevent the risk of rollover caused by slipping, and to ride farther with limited power.

PS: Tips for increasing the power of the battery of an electric scooter:

When charging electric scooters, use flame-retardant materials to surround and cover them, which can significantly increase the battery's storage capacity.

Kugoo hopes you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable ride!