How To Choose A Cost-effective Electric Scooter in 2022?

1. Why you buy an electric scooter?

Most people buy electric scooters for their daily commuting needs. Riding an electric scooter can make us sleep a few more minutes in each busy morning rush hour and get rid of the troubles caused by traffic jams.

Some people buy electric scooters to enjoy a quiet ride alone. In their spare time, it is very comfortable to ride in the park alone.

What about you? Why you buy an electric scooter?

2. Critical parts of an electric scooter:

  • Frame

As the main structure of the electric scooter, it is mainly divided into two parts: the front frame and the rear frame. The front frame includes the display screen, the controller, the front wheel, etc., and the rear frame includes the battery, the power cable and the brake control circuit, and the rear wheels, etc. The mainstream scooters on the market are generally made of aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of high strength and light weight.

  • Motor

It is no exaggeration to say that the motor is the heart of the electric scooter, which directly determines its power output. The mainstream electric scooters basically use brushless and toothless motors, which have the advantages of low running noise, strong anti-interference ability, long service life, and no special maintenance.

  • Battery

The battery is the energy source of an electric scooter, and most of the electric scooters on the market use the 18650 lithium battery pack. The advantages of lithium batteries are long service life, high energy efficiency, and light size. The lightness of our Kugoo electric scooter is also inseparable from the lithium battery pack.

  • Tires

At present, the tires of electric scooters mainly include pneumatic tires, tubeless tires and solid tires.

  1. Pneumatic tires: like bicycle tires, they have a certain shock-absorbing effect, but there is a risk of blow-out and the maintenance is troublesome.
  2. Vacuum tires: like car tires, they also have a shock absorbing effect and are relatively easy to maintain; however, they are expensive.
  3. Solid tires: particularly solid, no need to pump up, and no worries about blowouts, but the downside is that the shock absorption effect is average.
    • Shock Absorption

    The shock absorption capacity of the electric scooter determines the comfort when we use it. Most of the electric pulleys on the market use spring damping devices, which are mainly installed at the part where the front wheel is connected to the front wheel bracket. Whether the shock absorption effect is good or bad is determined by the compression stroke of the spring.

    If the spring compression stroke is long, the elastic force generated during the reset process cannot be offset, then the shock absorption effect is relatively poor, and vice versa. In addition, the effect of shock absorption is also related to the size of the tire and the weight of the user.

    • Brake

    Needless to say, everyone knows the importance of brakes. It can avoid accidents at critical moments. Electric scooters on the market mainly use disc brakes and electronic E-ABS brakes.

    Electronic E-ABS brake: use the reaction force of the current to the motor to make the motor stop rotating in a short time, so as to achieve the effect of braking. In addition, it will not consume the power of the battery pack, but can recharge the battery at the moment of braking, which has a certain maintenance effect on the battery and prolongs the service life of the battery.

    Disc brake: It consists of a brake disc connected to the wheel and a brake caliper on the edge of the disc. I believe that everyone has seen mountain bikes or motorcycles. This principle is the same as the principle of disc brakes on motorcycles.

    3. Features of electric scooters:

    • Convenience

    The convenience of electric scooters can be considered from two aspects: foldability and body weight.

    Foldability: The current electric scooters can basically fold the handlebar column or the front part of the pedal, and are designed with a carrying gap for easy portability.

    Body weight: The current scooters are basically made of aluminum alloy or carbon fiber. When choosing, don't choose one that's too heavy, especially for girls, it is difficult to take it when you go up the stairs or take the subway. But also not too light, too light is not good for stability, and the load-bearing capacity is limited. It is more appropriate to choose a weight of 10-13kg.

    • Speed

    The speed is mainly determined by the output power of the motor. The larger the motor power value, the faster the speed. The common power values ​​on the market are mainly 180W, 250W, 350W, 500W, 800W, 2000W, etc. You can choose according to your own needs. If you usually ride on smooth roads and ride an electric scooter just for your daily commute, then a low-powered electric scooter can meet your needs.

    However, the output power of the motor is not the only criterion for determining the speed, it is also closely related to the road conditions you are riding on. For example, if the road surface is rough or slippery, it will affect the speed of riding. When riding in urban areas, from the perspective of safety, it is appropriate to choose a speed that can reach 20km/h.

    • Range

    The average range of scooters on the market is 30km, which is fine for a short daily commute. The range is determined by the capacity of the battery, so you can choose the capacity of the battery pack according to your actual situation, as everyone's commuting distance varies.

    • Comfort

    From the perspective of comfort, it is recommended to choose pneumatic tires or tubeless tires. For the size of tires, Kugoo recommends about 8 inches. Too small tires will not be effective for shock absorption, and too large tires will consume more energy.

    In addition, you can consider adding a seat cushion, which also has a certain shock absorption effect and liberates your feet at the same time.

    4. Electric scooters in different price ranges:

    Cost €300-500:

    Kugoo Kirin S1(S3) Pro


    • Battery: 36V / 7.5Ah
    • Motor: 350W
    • Max Load: 120kg
    • Wheel size: 8 inch
    • Tire type: solid honeycomb explosion-proof tire
    • Speed mode: 15km/h, 20km/h, 25km/h

    Kugoo Kirin S4


    • Battery: 36V / 10Ah
    • Motor: 350W
    • Max Load: 100kg
    • Wheel size: 10inch
    • Tire type: Pneumatic Tires
    • Speed mode: 15km/h, 25km/h, 35km/h

    Kugoo Kirin B1 Pro


    • Battery: 36V / 10Ah
    • Motor: 250W
    • Max Load: 120kg
    • Wheel size: 12inch
    • Tire type: Pneumatic Tires
    • Speed mode: max speed 25km/h

    Cost €500-1000:

    Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro 


    • Battery: 48V/16A
    • Motor: 500W
    • Max Load: 150kg
    • Wheel size: 10 inch
    • Tire type: anti-skid tire
    • Speed mode: 15km/h, 30km/h, 45km/h

    Kugoo G2 Pro


    • Battery: 48V/15Ah
    • Motor Power: 800W
    • Max Load: 130kg
    • Tire Size: 10inches
    • Tire type: anti-skid tire
    • Max Speed: 50km/h

    Kugoo Kirin X1


    • Battery: 48V/13Ah
    • Motor Power: 600W
    • Max Load: 120kg
    • Tire Size and Type: Front 8.5 inch pneumatic tire, rear 8 inch solid tire
    • Max Speed: 37km/h

    Cost €1000+:

    Kugoo Kirin G1


    • Battery: 52V/18.2Ah
    • Motor: 1000W x 2
    • Max Load: 150kg
    • Wheel size: 10 inch
    • Tire type: pneumatic tire
    • Speed mode: 37km/h, 54km/h, 65km/h

    5. Electric scooter maintain tips:

    Firstly: the charging time of the electric scooter should not be too long. Overcharging will speed up the scrapping of the battery pack and shorten the service life of the battery. It is very appropriate to unplug the charging head after continuing to charge for 30 minutes after each full charge.

    Secondly: When not using the electric scooter for a long time, please charge the electric scooter regularly, preferably once a month.

    Finally: Keep the scooter in a cool, ventilated and dry place and check all parts of the scooter regularly.

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