Electric scooter VS kick scooter --- What is the right option?

You may question about which scooter you should buy for commuting, kick scooter or electric scooter? To answer this question, first we need to understand what is a kick scooter and a what is an electric scooter, and also to find out the the differences when you ride the two different type of scooters to work.

e scooters

What is a kick scooter?

A kick scooter is just like a kid scooter, but a bigger version. To make it run you need to stand on  the deck and use your foot power. When the scooter reaches a certain speed that you want, you can stop kicking and just stand on the deck. This way is much faster than walking for sure.

What is an electric scooter?

An electric scooter is a traditional scooter with a battery and a motor which saves you driving the scooter manually. You just need to hop on the deck and then press the accelerator, and off you go! In most cities, e scooters cannot get over 15 or 20mph because of speed restriction of electric vehicles. If your electric scooter goes beyond the restriction, you would be taken as driving a motor vehicle.

Differences on commuting


Commuting with a e scooters tend to have accidents compared to riding a kick scooter. The reason seems pretty obvious because electric scooter is a lot more faster than a traditional scooter.


Kick scooters usually can run 2 or 3mph depends on how hard and how often you kick it, while electric scooters are able to about 20mph, and some off road scooter can even reach up to 34mph, but it was mentioned above, there were speed limits on scooters in some cities, so the speed of e scooters is mostly adjustable.


If you want to exercise during commuting and you only feel safe in very slow speed then kick scooter should be a optimal choice for you. However it takes a long time and you will get a bit sweaty when you arrive at work. Riding an electric scooter to work is like you get a extra option, you get to excise when you ride the scooter like a kick scooter and when you feel tired, just press the throttle and you are ready to go.


There is no doubt that kick scooter is lighter than a electric scooter which comes with one or two motor and a battery. These parts are basically the most heavy and important part on a e scooter. Both kick scooter and electric scooter have folding system, so in term of portability, kick scooter is the winner.

KUGOO electric scooter

Can we use an electric scooter like a kick scooter?

Some of customers have the doubt that whether it will do harm to the motor, we consulted many technicians because of the request and all the answers we got were positive. But you have to turn off the e scooter before you use it like a kick scooter.

Final thoughts

The decision on which scooter is best for you is obviously subjective. It is literally depends on personal demands. In my point of view, if your work place is within 3km from your house and you can get up early then a kick scooter may be right for you. Nevertheless, if you live relatively far and you love to get more sleep you should choose an electric scooter.