Do You Know How To Replace Your Motor?

We all know that the greater the motor is, the more electricity is needed, so the higher the battery capacity is required. Our Kugoo S1 electric scooters and Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooters with 350W motor are suitable for riders for daily travel.

As you can see there are some parameters about Kugoo Electric Scooter Motor.

  • Motor type: DC brushless motor
  • Rated output power: 350W
  • Max. speed: 700r/min
  • Rated voltage: 36V
  • Max. output torque: 13.3N.m

But do you know how to replace the motor? And what tools will be needed?

Please look at the following videos and hope you can get something useful!

Tool: screwdriver and 19mm spanner


1. Turn off the power ;
2. Unplug the cable between the motor and the controller;
3. Unscrew the screws; (Tool: 19mm spanner)
4. Replace the motor with a new one;
5. Screw the screws; (Pay attention to the placement of the motor wires.)
6. Connect the cable between the motor and the controller;
7. Turn on the power of the electric scooter. (Check if the motor can be used normally.)

Any questions about the replacement, please be free to contact us at: