Do I Need An Insurance For My Electric Scooter?

With the prosperity of various forms of commuting and the popularity of e-scooters, people have gradually cultivated common sense of e-scooters, and someone has also raised many questions. One of them is-Do I need an insurance for my e-scooter?

  • As far as we know, currently, e-scooter riders living in the United States do not need an insurance. The law only requires the rider to have a valid driver's license.
  • According to British traffic safety regulations, they currently do not use e-scooters as an alternative vehicle. But they have regulations for e-bicycles and do not require the rider to obtain a license or any insurance.
  • Other European countries do not require e-scooter riders to buy insurance for the time being. Users who use e-scooters under the premise of complying with traffic regulations can fully satisfy their daily travel.

But, the very least, e-scooter riders need to have health insurance to protect them in the event of injury. 

When riding outside, we recommend that customers wear safety protective gear - at least a helmet to protect themselves, and obey the traffic rules when riding - send stop and turn signals, as well as obey traffic lights. (About the importance of wearing a helmet please refer to - Tips for Safe Riding-Wear a Helmet! ! !, we sincerely hope that you can travel safely and happily.)

Actually, our Kugoo e-scooters are of high quality, and we are confident to provide customers with good experiences. As you can see, all the e-scooters of our shop have parameters, so the characteristics of each one are obvious. You can choose the right product according to your need. (If you still don’t know how to choose the right e-scooter, please refer to -Tips to Fast Choose a Decent Electric Scooter)

We believe you have also seen that each of our Kugoo Electric Scooter has a warranty period. If you have any problems while using the e-scooter, you can contact us through, and we will reply and solve your problems as soon as possible.

We hope to provide you with the best e-scooters and the best after-sales service, and you are also welcome to leave us a message or ask questions!

Our team hopes you can be relaxed to get into your ride~