Some Tips for Better Winter Riding

As the temperature drops, all parts of the country are beginning to cool down, and the weather is getting colder and colder. It is difficult for us to ride electric scooters with passion like summer, so that some people are wondering whether to give up riding on electric scooters. Here are some tips on how to ride your e-scooter in winter so that you can be more comfortable when riding your e-scooter in winter. Follow the following tips and you will get the joy of riding an electric scooter in winter!

Keep yourself in a warm condition

When riding electric scooters in winter, keeping warm is essential. We need to consider the warmth of our head, hands, feet, and body.

Usually most of our body's heat is emitted from the head, so it is very necessary to wear a helmet when riding. Wearing a helmet can not only ensure our safety during riding, but also ensure that our own head is not kept in a cold environment during the riding process, so that we can devote ourselves to the riding state.

For keeping our hands and feet warm, wearing long fleece gloves and warm socks is the way to go. Keeping our hands and feet warm is also a prerequisite for a safe ride - after all, stiff fingers prevent us from handling the scooter properly, and cold feet prevent us from enjoying the ride.

For body warmth, we can choose windproof and waterproof jackets and trousers to reduce the loss of heat from our body, so that we can keep warm when riding on snowy days.

Kugoo reminds you: In case of extreme cold weather, please reduce outdoor activities.

Please warm up before your riding

Like before starting other exercises, it is necessary to warm up in advance to let our body enter a relatively good state, especially when riding in cold weather. After all, the cold winter is not like summer, which allows us to find the best riding condition in a short time to start our pleasant riding trip. Therefore, you can choose to do some warm-up actions indoors, or drink a cup of hot drink to prepare your body in advance!

Make yourself visible to others

On the roads in winter, there are no brilliant flowers in spring, green trees in summer, and withered yellow leaves in autumn, only bare trees and vehicles going back and forth. When it snows, the world may only be black and white for a while. Therefore, when riding electric scooters in winter, keeping oneself visible to others is the focus of our safe riding. Whether you are riding during the day or at night, it is necessary to choose brightly colored clothes and hats. Of course, when riding at night, be sure to turn on the lights of the electric scooter to improve your visibility and ensure your riding safety.

Develop your own riding route before you travel

Riding electric scooters in winter, and formulating your own riding route in advance can not only save us time and improve efficiency, but also make our riding safer. There will inevitably be debris on the road in winter. If we can plan our riding in advance to avoid difficult roads when riding, it will make our trip more smoothly. If we travel too far, or if the outdoor temperature is too low, we need to shorten our riding time.

Pay attention to weather conditions and temperature changes

The temperature in winter is usually very low, and rain and snow are also common. If the temperature is too low, or in the event of strong wind, heavy rain, or heavy snow, we recommend that you choose other ways to travel instead of riding an electric scooter. And when we are riding, there is always a section of headwind on the way forward or on the way back. If possible, try to keep your first half of the ride upwind and downwind on the way back, so that you will not be overly fatigued on the way home.

Please don't ride alone in winter 

Two is better than one. Riding an electric scooter in cold weather is no easy task, so riding an electric scooter with a friend not only allows us to share fun stories with them on the road, but also keeps us safe on the ride. So get your friends together for a winter riding experience!

Regularly check your electric scooters

Due to the cold weather, the impact of weather on electric scooters cannot be ignored. Regular inspection of electric scooters means that our riding safety can be guaranteed, including regular cleaning of bicycles, chains, gears, brakes and rims, timely charging of electric scooters and regular inspection of tire status. If you often ride in rainy and snowy weather, be sure to clean the rain and snow on the surface of the electric scooter in time after riding, so as not to melt into the interior and cause damage to the electric scooter.

The above are the tips on riding electric scooter in winter and we hope it will help you!