Something To Look Out For When Buying An Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are a new form of green energy mobility and more and more people are choosing to buy one as their commuting tool.

Are you planning to change the way you commute and buy yourself an electric scooter in 2022? Are you still struggling with what features and models of electric scooters to buy?

Here are 10 key points that Kugoo has put together to help you out.

No.1 Where and how will you ride the electric scooter?

Before we buy an electric scooter, we need to find out who the user is to determine whether we should buy an electric scooter for children or an electric scooter for adults.

Also, we need to determine what type and style of electric scooter we need to buy based on how often we use the electric scooter and our requirements for the scooter's portability.

If you ride an electric scooter for daily commuting, then a power entry level electric scooter will meet your needs, if you ride an electric scooter for long distance travel, then a high power electric scooter may be more suitable for you.

No.2 What your budget?

Prices vary from children's electric scooters to adult electric scooters. Usually children's electric scooters are much cheaper than adult electric scooters because adult electric scooters have more powerful motors, higher battery capacity, higher top speeds and better performance than children's electric scooters.

As mentioned above, the factors that affect the price of electric scooters are: motor, battery, frame material, features, etc. But for some electric scooters priced at around €500, the Kugoo Kirin M4 is a good choice. 

No.3 Does the manufacture offers quality after-sales service?

After-sales service is crucial for any electronic product, and a good after-sales service will ensure you have a better experience with your electric scooter.

Often, a brand's after-sales service is the key to its longevity in the market. Kugoo has a very detailed after-sale service standard is our official email. Whether you have questions before purchasing or encounter product quality problems after purchasing, you can directly send an email to inquire.

No.4 What are the characteristics of an electric scooter motor?

As for electric scooters, the motor is its heart, providing the force that allows the scooter to move forward. As we know, the more powerful the motor, the faster the electric scooter will be and, accordingly, the better our riding experience will be.

Most of the electric scooters on the market use brushless DC motors, which are small, light, reliable, stable, adaptable and easy to repair and maintain, etc. Kugoo electric scooters use brushless DC motors too.

Usually, the power of electric scooters for children is not too high, as this allows the maximum speed to be controlled within a reasonable range to ensure the safety of children when riding.

Adult electric scooters, on the other hand, have a wider choice of power levels, with commuting scooters usually having less powerful motors, and off-road scooters having more powerful motors to achieve higher speeds.

Before buying an electric scooter, we need to take into account our actual needs to determine how powerful an electric scooter we should buy.

No.5 How about the characters of the battery?

Regardless of motor performance, it's worthless without a good battery! Therefore, the performance of an electric scooter is largely determined by the characteristics of the battery:

  • Technology
  • Capacity
  • The voltage
  • Autonomy
  • The charging time 

No.6 Does the dimensions and weight affect the electric scooter?

In daily riding, lightweight electric scooters can make our riding more convenient, especially when we need to bring electric scooters into elevators or public transportation.

Several factors affect the weight of an electric scooter, such as: the material used to make the chassis, the type of battery, the type of braking system and engine, etc.

If you buy an electric scooter to solve your daily travel needs, Kugoo recommends that you choose a lightweight and space-saving electric scooter. If you're after more speed, then a heavier off-road electric scooter is better for you.

No.7 How do you determine if an electric scooter is comfortable?

The comfort level of an electric scooter is fundamental and it is clear that we need to choose a comfortable electric scooter to be able to enjoy our ride better.

The following are the criteria for selecting a comfortable electric scooter.

  • Tires of 8 inches or more (pneumatic tires are more stable)
  • Height-adjustable and ergonomic handlebars
  • Pedals with a non-slip layer
  • Easy to operate folding system
  • Stable braking system
  • Bright lights

No.8 What are the accessories will be provided?

Generally speaking, there are some very useful accessories in addition to the electric scooter.

  • A charger
  • Two keys
  • An instruction manual
  • A parking support stand
  • A couple of matching drivers and spanners
  • A few matching screws

No.9 How can you be sure that it is safe to ride an electric scooter?

It is important to be safe when riding an electric scooter, wearing a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads are essential.

It is also essential to check the braking system of the electric scooter before riding. A good braking system allows us to reduce the possibility of accidents.

Different countries or regions have different maximum speed requirements for riding an electric scooter, so riders need to comply with local laws and regulations when riding.

Kugoo reminds you that for your health and the health of others, please do not ride your scooter at excessive speeds.


Check your local road and safety rules for more specific information before you determined to buy an electric scooter, and make sure your electric scooter fits you!

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