My Budget Is About $400 Which Electric Scooter Is Best For Me?

About a week ago, we received an email from a customer who asked us which electric scooter would be best for him on a budget of $400. We recommended our Kugoo S1 Plus to him - a great commuting aid.
Max Speed: 30km/h
Max Load: 120KG
Motor Power: 350W
Battery Capacity: 36V 7.5Ah
Battery Type: Lithium battery
Product Weight: 12.5KG
Product Size(L x W x H): 96 x 22.5 x 38.5cm
  • Component design

As users, we are used to considering the practicality and convenience of the products. Every position of this scooter is ergonomically designed and the brakes, handlebars and pedals are very comfortable to use.

The simple buttons are easy to operate, a quick press of power is on and a long press is off. Users don't need to remember complicated button functions and operating systems. While in motion, a double click on the left button turns the front light on and off for night driving.

  • Component functions 

The scooter has a long range of up to 25km and uses a disc brake system for added safety and reliability.

The front and rear tires are 8" solid honeycomb blast tires, which are a little bigger than most electric scooters, adapt to most surfaces and eliminate the dangers caused by flat tires. In practice, even when riding over light rail tracks, the ride is only slightly bumpy but not at all uncomfortable.

The alignment and coloring of the cables are in harmony with the scooter as a whole, making it a very nice scooter both up close and from a distance.

  • Portability

Also, for portability, this Kugoo S1 Plus electric scooter has a folding structure and is only 38.5cm high when folded. It is worth mentioning that many portable scooters, because of the folding function, often cause the handlebars to shift backwards and forwards when braking, which means they are a bit wobbly and unstable, making them feel very insecure. Our Kugoo S1 Plus does not have this problem in practice, and the handlebars are still very stable even when braking sharply when riding fast.

The frame of the scooter is made of aluminium alloy and the weight of the scooter is about 12.5kg. Although it is not particularly light, I personally tested that there is no pressure for a girl to lift it up and down the stairs with one hand. After all, the dumbbells in the gym are not for nothing!

  • Daily use

Double click on the power button to adjust speeds, usually mode 1 is 18km/h, you can feel a very smooth ride, this gear is suitable for walking the dog in the park, etc. Mode 2 is 25km/h, the speed is relatively fast and the riding experience is more comfortable, you can enjoy the breeze when riding. Mode 3 is 30km/h, basically catch up with the normal speed in the city. When riding in mode 3, it is important to pay full attention to the road conditions.

  • Night time

When driving at night, double click on the left button to turn on the front spotlight and ambient light! The lights are very bright and you can drive safely at night.

  • Conclusion

Our Kugoo S1 Plus is a great value for money scooter with a clean and simple look, excellent performance, easy to use controls, careful safety considerations and a careful design. The Kugoo S1 Plus is the perfect scooter for commuting to work, walking the dog and having fun this season!