City Safety Rules To Follow For Electric Scooter Riders

After you own an electric scooter, riding it will make you shuttle in all corners of the city more freely. The following are the things you need to pay attention to when riding, we hope it will help you.

1. Ride in the right lane

Road laws and regulations in most cities have restrictions on the maximum riding speed of electric scooters. Generally, people who ride electric scooters can only drive in non-motorized lanes. This is to protect the safety of riders and surrounding pedestrians and vehicles. Or you can choose to ride an electric scooter on the bicycle lane.

We generally do not recommend that you ride an electric scooter on the sidewalk.

2. Pedestrian priority

In the city, every street or intersection is practised: pedestrians have priority. When you encounter a pedestrian who is interfering with your ride, it is obviously the safest and easiest way to resolve the inconvenience by smiling politely and waiting.

Reducing speed or stopping to wait won't take us long, safe riding is our first rule.

3. Ride at a right speed

Riding an electric scooter on urban roads is not the same as riding in an open place. Keeping the right speed at all times is a prerequisite for safe riding. Ride at low speeds as much as possible at crowded intersections, at low speeds on slippery roads, and at low speeds where there are corners and slopes.

This is not just Kugoo’s advice to riders, it is also a rule that riders should abide by during riding.

4. Pay attention to your surroundings

When riding, we must be aware of our surroundings to prevent any sudden oncoming pedestrians from being knocked over by us; and we must always keep ourselves in the visual range of others to prevent us from being in the blind spot of a moving car and being rammed by it.

5. Avoid slippery, sunken, obstructed roads

If you encounter slippery, sunken or obstructed sections of road, Kugoo recommends that you avoid them and try to take an alternative route. After all, there's an old saying: you can't walk along a river without getting your shoes wet. The only way we can make our rides safer is to cut off the source of danger from the start.

6. Maintain your electric scooter regularly

As our daily commuting partner, recharging your electric scooter after each ride is the easiest way to maintain it. Of course, regular maintenance is not only limited to recharging your electric scooter. Regular cleaning, checking of parts and testing of tire pressure are also ways of maintaining our scooters.

Only with regular maintenance can you get to know your scooter better, so that every time you ride it you can be safe and enjoyable.

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