7 Reasons Why E-Scooters Won't Run Far -- You're Probably Doing It

The popularity of electric scooters has made it increasingly convenient for more and more people to get around, but if you don't handle them properly during your daily rides and maintenance, you could be shortening the range of your electric scooter. 

When the mileage of an electric scooter is shortened, riders usually assume that there is a problem with the battery, but in fact, it could also be caused by the improper use of your electric scooter.

The following situations will cause the electric scooter to not run far and cause damage to its battery. 

Incorrect Charging Method

The correct way of charging can protect the battery and prolong its life, but some riders often charge all night and do not pay attention to the charging time of the electric scooter, which causes the battery to be overcharged and injured.

With high summer temperatures, we should shorten the charging time, especially for batteries that have been used for more than two years. If the rider continues to charge for a long time it will accelerate the ageing of the battery and in serious cases it may cause an explosion.

The correct way to charge the battery is to use a charger that matches the battery and charge it for 6-8 hours when it has been discharged for 60%-70%, remembering not to charge it for more than 10 hours in summer when the temperature is high. And if the electric scooter is not used for a long time, please remember to charge it every two months and check other parts regularly.

Mismatch Between Motor, Controller And Battery

Some riders are currently modifying their own electric scooters for visual appeal or in pursuit of high speed. They replace the electric scooter with a more powerful motor, larger size tires and a bigger controller, making the battery of the electric scooter discharge at high current for a long time during the ride, which undoubtedly accelerates the death of the battery.

Actually, any electric scooter should be matched with the right motor, tires, controller and battery, so that each component does its job reasonably well.

Kugoo reminds riders that they should not modify their scooters and that they are responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result of doing so. 

Incorrect Riding Method

The operation of the electric scooter relies on the conversion of the electric energy provided by the battery into the kinetic energy of the motor, and the controller is used to adjust the current to control the riding speed. That is to say, the faster you ride the electric scooter, the greater the discharge current of the battery and the higher the energy consumption will be.

Therefore, we should not frequently step on the accelerator to the bottom when riding. The correct riding method is to start at a uniform speed and accelerate slowly. Of course, riders should not drive overweight. The rated load-bearing capacity of each electric scooter is marked. When purchasing, riders need to judge what type of electric scooter to buy according to their actual situation.

Brake Problem

If the brake device of your electric scooter is too tight, your riding speed may never be faster, which will cause electricity consumption, and also constantly wearing out your brakes device as you ride, causing them to malfunction and cause an accident. Conversely, if your brakes device are too loose, it will be difficult when you want to stop.

The correct way is to check the brake device of the electric scooter before riding. And adjust it a little looser if it's too tight and a little tighter if it's too loose until your brakes are tight enough for your ride. This will reduce accidents and allow you to experience the feel of high-speed riding.

Motor Rusting

Occasionally, when the sky suddenly rains while we are riding, some of the water may enter the motor of the electric scooter. If we do not wipe the water away in time, the motor may rust over time. This rust will occupy the space between the stator and rotor, directly affecting the operation of the motor and making our riding speed slower and slower. In addition bearing rust will increase friction affecting the operation of the motor, which in turn affects the discharge of the battery, making our rides less fast.

The correct way is to avoid places with water during daily travel.  If the electric scooter accidentally gets wet, we need to dry it with a soft towel as soon as possible, and regularly check the rusting of the parts and remove the rust in time.

Demagnetisation of The Internal Magnets of The Motor

The demagnetisation of the magnets inside the motor is a gradual process and we need regular maintenance and servicing when using electric scooters daily. Once the motor is demagnetised, the no-load current and driving current of the motor will increase and the motor will become hot when riding. When riding, the temperature of the motor is usually between 35-45 degrees Celsius. If the motor becomes seriously hot, it can lead to abnormalities or even possible scrapping. When the magnet is strong, the power of the electric scooter is sufficient and saves electricity; on the contrary, when the magnet is weak, the power of the electric scooter is weak and consumes electricity.

Usually, when water enters the motor and the magnets do not have good insulation, the magnets will rust and cause demagnetisation, which will cause the motor to be less efficient. Therefore, we must pay attention to prevent water from entering the motor in our daily use, and if water enters the motor, please dry the water as soon as possible.

Low tire pressure

Some riders ignore the air pressure of their tires when riding. In fact, the air pressure of the tires is also very important to the speed of the ride. When the air pressure is too low, the friction of the tires will increase, resulting in a slower ride. Occasionally, we see two people riding one scooter on the road. Not only does this affect the speed of the ride, but it can also cause the scooter to break down due to overweight driving, which can lead to safety accidents.

Kugoo reminds you to check the air pressure of your tires before riding and to avoid overweight riding.

In general, the electric scooter cannot ride fast, it may not be the problem of the electric scooter, but it may be caused by our improper daily use. Therefore, after using it, we should regularly maintain and check the electric scooter and solve the problems in time, so that it can be used longer and run further.

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