Why We Choose a Lightweight Electric Scooter?

Designing a trendy and fashionable electric scooter, dealing with the balance between mileage, speed and weight, does require some delicate engineering. So, what do we need to consider when choosing our own electric scooter? Why is the weight of an electric scooter an important factor that we need to consider?

Lightweight can be sturdy.

We usually think that lighter weight means less sturdy. Is this really the case? For Kugoo electric scooters, this is actually not the case-lightweight electric scooters can also be very sturdy. Its ergonomic model design and aluminum body and silicone handlebars make it comparable in quality to some of the fastest, strongest and lightest electric scooters. We strive for the design and components of Kugoo electric scooters to meet customer requirements and improve their riding experience. These are the reasons why customers choose Kugoo.

Lightweight can be fast!

When riding with friends on the weekend, I took my camera bag, some food and a lock. My weight plus these outfits are much larger than the maximum load of the electric scooter, but my Kugoo electric scooter can still allow me to reach the maximum riding speed of 25km/h. Even when it comes to small hills. It can still take me up the hill with enough motivation.

This may because Kugoo is currently the lightest electric scooter you can buy. With a high-power electric motor and excellent climbing ability, you can experience a riding experience that exceeds the maximum speed of many brands in your daily travel. 30km/h is enough to make your travel easier. 

Why do we need folding light electric scooters?

Most electric scooters have short mileage, and many of them have a range of less than 5 km. The range of Kugoo electric scooters is usually about 30km. The greater the power or the larger the battery capacity, the greater the range of electric scooters. For most people, this mileage is sufficient for their daily attendance. Of course, it is also very suitable for short trips.

You can buy an electric scooter with a greater range, but usually such an electric scooter is equipped with a larger battery or a more powerful motor, so that the weight of the electric scooter is heavier.

As we mentioned earlier, heavier does not mean that electric scooters are more powerful. Torque is very important for the climbing ability and rapid acceleration of the electric scooter, but it is also necessary to increase the weight of the electric scooter, because generating more power requires a larger motor.

Kugoo electric scooters have two designs, single motor or double motor electric scooter, and the power is between 150-2000w (150w is suitable for children). The minimum power suitable for adults is 350w and the maximum power is 2000w. You can choose an electric scooter with the right power according to your own travel needs.

I can easily fold and carry the electric scooter, and bring it into or out of my room (including taking it up the stairs) or put it in the trunk of the car without any effort.

Kugoo electric scooters have a one-click folding function, and its foldability and portability are far more suitable for people's daily commuting than other electric scooters on the market. Lightweight electric scooters like Kugoo are suitable for people to make up for the lack of traffic between cities. You can easily fold them and take them on public transportation or put them in the trunk of your car.

In daily travel, we are mainly concerned about how to reach the destination quickly and easily. In comparison, we are less concerned about speed and mileage than the issues of parking spots and driving safety. The two features of foldable and light weight are essential for riders who need to meet their daily trips. Riders who travel between cities can reach their destinations in the lightest and fastest way.

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Compared with Kugoo, electric scooters with a slightly larger mileage or motor power may reach 20-30kg. For most female riders, electric scooters of this weight may be difficult to carry with them. In addition, heavier electric scooters made of bulky materials tend to be more difficult to fold or bulky after being folded. But the advantage of the Kugoo folding electric scooter is that it can be stored in a small space when you are not using it.

Let us think about it! If your commuting needs are similar to those of most electric scooter riders, including the needs for speed, mileage, folding function, and portability, then Kugoo electric scooter is definitely suitable! Kugoo electric scooters can satisfy your travel from a few blocks to a few kilometers.