What To Buy As A New Year Gift in 2022?

We can change everything, but we can never change time. Whether we are happy or sad, whether we are working hard or declining, time always watches us go by and never looks back. The year 2021 has left us all with indelible memories of our struggle against COVID-19 as it ravaged the world; a tough year in human history that will be remembered for years to come.

Kugoo has many developments and changes in 2021. We are committed to the principle of serving our customers and improving our products as well as our after-sales service. Like every farewell, we will soon say goodbye to 2021, and welcome the upcoming 2022.

So, are you ready for the new year?

And what to buy as a New Year Gift in 2022?

The following electric scooters may be your choice:

No.1   Kugoo Krin M4 Pro 


  • Battery: 48V/16A
  • Motor: 500W
  • Max Load: 150kg
  • Wheel size: 10 inch
  • Tire type: anti-skid tire
  • Speed mode: 15km/h, 30km/h, 45km/h

As the top electric scooter on the recommended list, Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro is equipped with a 500W power motor, which can not only meet your daily commute needs, but also allow you to experience the feeling of fast riding.

Not only does the Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro satisfy your need for speed, it also has a very humane removable seat, which means you can choose to ride standing up and be the most beautiful sight on the street, or you can ride sitting down and free your feet. 

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 No.2 Kugoo S1 (S3) Pro


  • Battery: 36V / 7.5Ah
  • Motor: 350W
  • Max Load: 120kg
  • Wheel size: 8 inch
  • Tire type: solid honeycomb explosion-proof tire
  • Speed mode: 15km/h, 20km/h, 25km/h

The 8-inch solid honeycomb explosion-proof tire is the secret weapon to keep you away from tire blowouts, so that you would no longer fear that you will be late due to tire problems every commuting day.

In fact, the Kugoo S1 (S3) Pro is a very affordable one among the commuter-type electric scooters currently on the market. Buying a Kugoo S1 (S3) Pro for yourself to start your own New Year’s journey is definitely a good choice.

More About Kugoo S1 (S3) Pro



  • Battery: 48V/23Ah
  • Motor: 800W x 2
  • Max Load: 120kg
  • Wheel size: 10 inch
  • Tire type: pneumatic tire
  • Speed mode: 18km/h, 38km/h, 55km/h

Kugoo G-BOOSTER is an electric scooter with 2 motors. The front and rear wheel motors are both 800W, which can be powerful enough for your riding. The maximum speed of this electric scooter can reach 55km/h, allowing you to experience the difference in speed with commuter electric scooters.

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No.4 Kugoo Kirin G1


  • Battery: 52V/18.2Ah
  • Motor: 1000W x 2
  • Max Load: 150kg
  • Wheel size: 10 inch
  • Tire type: pneumatic tire
  • Speed mode: 37km/h, 54km/h, 65km/h

Of course, if you are a professional rider and have a higher pursuit of riding speed, then Kugoo Kirin G1 would be another choice. After all, an electric scooter equipped with two 1000W motors is obviously to better satisfy your riding habits. As far as the current market price of electric scooters is concerned, Kugoo Kirin G1 is not only the king of speed, but also the king of price-performance ratio.

In addition to meeting your needs in terms of speed and price, Kugoo kirin G1 is also safe enough. The unique dual charging head design and front and rear shock-absorbing spring design make you feel more at ease when storing and using it. As a veteran, buying a Kugoo Kirin G1 to start your 2022 would make your journey more interesting.

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No.5 Kugoo Kirin Mini 2


  • Battery: 21.6V / 4Ah
  • Motor: 150W
  • Max Load: 65KG
  • Wheel size: 8 & 6.5 inch
  • Tire type: solid tire
  • Speed mode: 15km/h

Never forget your kids! Kids look forward to the New Year far more than adults, so getting your baby an electric scooter and letting him/her experience the joy of riding will not only increase your parent-child interaction time, but will also give a new way to get some exercise!

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