What Should We Know Before Buying An Electric Scooter?

With the rapid development of the society, there are wide variety of electric scooter on the market, we need to pay more attention to identifying what kind of electric scooters are suitable for us.

The following elements can help you to know more about electric scooters:

Your Budget

Price is the first element we need to consider. Knowing the budget can make our goals clearer and choose electric scooters more quickly.

Commute Distance

The range of electric scooters depends on various factors, including motor power, rider's weight, load capacity, weather, and average speed. It is very necessary to choose the right electric scooter, according to our daily commuting distance.

Motor Power

Adult electric scooters have a hub motor, which is a brushless direct current (BLDC) motor built into the wheel hub. All electric scooters have at least one electric motor, double motor electric scooters are common to see too. 

For adults, we do not recommend that you use less than 250W of power for your daily commute. A larger motor will not only help power up hills, but will also allow you to reach top speed more quickly.

Battery capacity

We all know that the larger the battery capacity, the more energy it can provide to the scooter and therefore the further it can travel. Choosing the right battery capacity is the basis for your daily travels.

Maximum load

For most scooters, the max load ranges from 120kg to 150kg. If you weigh more than this, then you need to make sure you are looking for an electric scooter that can support your weight. Remember that even if the scooter fits your weight,  you will be slower and travel a shorter distance than a lighter rider.

Top speed

Typically, electric scooters are capable of reaching a speed of 24km/h, which will satisfy the commuting needs of most commuters. If you ride your electric scooter in the city , the various functions of electric scooters can approach the theoretical values and help you avoid accidents within their range.

If you are interested in an electric scooter with extreme performance, you can pick an electric scooter with a higher speed. Note: Please wear safety equipment when riding and always wear a helmet, regardless of the speed at which you ride the scooter.


Lights are an essential part of an electric scooter to alert others on the road. When riding during the day, the lights may not be very effective, but when riding in the dark, please turn on both the headlight and the tail light to ensure a safe ride.


There are two types of tires: solid tires and pneumatic tires.

Solid tires include cellular tires and filled polymer tires. Solid ties require little maintenance and do not suffer from blowouts. The soft rubber of pneumatic tires performs well in rough road conditions and has the advantage of shock absorption and better handling. You need to choose the right tire for the road conditions you travel on every day.

IP Rating

The IP rating indicates the resistance of the electric scooter to dust and water. IP rating consists of two numbers, the first number indicates the dust resistance of the electric scooter and the second number indicates the water resistance of the electric scooter. The higher the number the more water and moisture resistant it is. While, not all scooters have an IP rating. If you intend to ride the scooter in all weather conditions, you will need to purchase an electric scooter with a waterproof rating.