Some Tips To Prolong Your Electric Scooter Use Life

It is well known that since the outbreak of COVID-2019, people have experienced many inconveniences using public transport to travel. With people's awareness of electric scooters, more and more people choose to use them as their travel tools. But not everyone can use their electric scooters correctly and reasonably. Kugoo has helped you organize some tips on how to extend the life of electric scooters, hoping to help you.

Prevention of damage to parts and timely repairs are key

It is very important to prevent damage to parts that we need to ensure that we ride in the right conditions, not riding electric scooters on bad weather and road surfaces, which is one of the ways to effectively extend the life of electric scooters. If you have to ride on wet, muddy gravel roads, try to slow your speed and reduce your riding time, or change your route in time.

Regular inspection of electric bicycles is also very important. Different people riding electric scooters will lead to different degrees of wear and tear. Regular inspection and timely maintenance can reduce many safety hazards and prolong the service life of electric scooters.

Keeping your electric scooter clean and lubricated 

Keeping your electric scooter clean and lubricated can greatly extend the life of your drivetrain. As an extreme example, in the absence of maintenance, the entire drivetrain of the same model rusted after less than 1,000 kilometres of use and had to be replaced, whereas those that were kept clean and lubricated with good quality lubricants were able to travel much further.

In the quest for longer service life, different motor lubricants have been developed. A motor that is kept in good condition can last for more than 10,000 kms, while other components go far beyond that. If you feel a rough or dry motor load during your ride, you need to lubricate as soon as possible.

Checking the wear and tension of your motor bars in good time is another important point to protect your drivetrain. You need to replace your motor before it wears out and strikes, to avoid unforeseen damage.

Implementing preventative maintenance

The motor is part of the electric scooter and other things such as the bottom bracket, battery and controller can also be implemented for preventative cleaning and maintenance. Simple cleaning and lubrication of these often overlooked areas to remove grit build-up and prevent corrosion will also greatly extend the life of the scooter.

In addition, if your electric scooter has moved parts such as shock absorbers or drip posts, fine dust can get trapped under the seals and gradually damage the surface of these telescopic parts. Kugoo recommends that you clean your scooter every one to two months to prolong the life of your scooter.

Selecting compatible parts to fit your electric scooter 

When your scooter needs replacement parts, choose parts that are compatible with your scooter. For example, if you need to replace the front light on your scooter, you can look for the corresponding part at the shop where you bought the scooter. Once you have confirmed the model, you can ask the shop's customer service for instructions on how to replace the part, or you can find a local scooter repair center to help you replace the light.

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Avoid copycat products, choose carefully, and eliminate fakes

As long as the products are purchased from unofficial authorized channels, especially on second-hand platforms, there is a key problem: the existence of counterfeit products.

Counterfeiting and knockoffs are nothing new, and the number of knockoffs in the e-scooter industry is also on the rise. Counterfeit motors and brake pads are all over the place these days, and if you're not careful, you might end up with a counterfeit product.

These products all have major security risks, and various brands and platforms are also working hard to crack down on counterfeiting and shoddy products. If you want to buy used spare parts, please carefully screen the quality of the product. 

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