Some Feedback From Our Customers

Do you want to enjoy your commuting? Do you know how to choose a right scooter for yourself? As there are so many different electric scooters you can choose, we hope you can select the right one after you glance the reviews from our customers. 


The review from KUGOO S1

SHIFU said: 'This scooter is awesome, and very comparable to the ones you can "rent" in most large cities. It seems to get up and go well, holds it power, and does okay on hills. Build quality seems pretty good, and I really like the headlight and brake light. I feel safe while riding it and we will get a lot of use out of it.'


The review from KUGOO S1 Pro 

Dog Lady said: 'I bought this as my new form of transportation to work. My commute is now enjoyable and I don't have to wait for the bus or sit cheek to cheek with other people.'

The review from  KUGOO S1 Plus

Shannon said: 'The battery life on this beast is amazing. The power is great and it goes at least 16 mph if not more and it is very quite and can hold at least 250 lbs and still not lose power uphill.'

The review from KUGOO KIRIN M4

Cheyenne said: ' I live on a small island and I ordered this as an easy way to get around town. It's so much fun and I can go all the way around the island on one charge. My fiance loves it so much he ordered his self the M4. We are having a great time cruising around.' 

The review from  KUGOO G-MAX 

Curtis said: 'As my first electric scooter, I couldn't be more pleased for my use case. I'm primarily using this to commute to work, which is about 8 miles round trip. It's really easy to use. And it's the best choice for an entry-level e-scooter in its class.'

Some tips for choosing the right scooter for yourself:

Clear your travel distance. (When the travel distance is longer, it is recommended to choose a scooter with a larger battery capacity.)

Clear your requirements for the speed of the electric scooter. (Usually the greater the power of the electric scooter, the greater the maximum speed it can reach.)

Clarify the commuting road conditions. (If the road is relatively flat, the life of the electric scooter will be longer.)

Clarify the maximum load-bearing weight of the scooter. (The maximum load-bearing weight of each electric scooter is different, please choose according to your actual weight.)

Clarify the maintenance and repair of the scooter. (We do not recommend that you ride an electric scooter on rainy days, and if your product has any quality problems, please feel free to send us.)

Is it helpful for you to choose the right scooter? If you are still hesitate which one to buy, we will recommend the most suitable one for you. Please be free to contact us at any time. 

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