My Riding Experience of Kugoo S1 Pro

I have been riding my Kugoo S1 Pro e-scooter for 3 months now and have ridden about 430km. It has 3 speed modes, the max speed is about 30 km/h, the max mileage is 30 km and the net weight is 11 kg. I use it to commute to work every day.

About convenience:

The morning rush hour traffic in my city is very bad (even won't over until 11am ), and there are only two ways to get to work - - bus or taxi. During the morning rush hour, the bus is full of people. So it is a problem to squeeze on the bus; another problem is that after squeezing on the bus, it is really uncomfortable when you are sweating all over the place in hot weather and you are still back to back with others.
During the rush hour, it takes an average of 30 minutes for a bus to travel 5km, and when traffic jams are particularly bad, the travel time is immeasurable. Not to mention the taxis, during the morning rush hour, I can't always get a taxi even if I increase the fare, the average fare are 1.5 times to 2 times more than usual, sometimes it takes up to $20 for 5km.
Since I bought my electric scooter, I have never been late for work.  It arrived on time, saved money and time wow~

About safety:

I was once riding when I suddenly heard a thumping sound, so I stopped to check and found a large nail lodged in the rear wheel. An old man passing by told me, "The rear wheel is a solid tire, just pull the nail out and I can ride it.", so he helped me pull the nail out of the rear wheel. And I was on the road again, without affecting my riding experience in any way.
I'm quite satisfied with my Kugoo S1 Pro. Every day on my way to and from work, when I stop to wait for the traffic light to turn on, I get a lot of attention from people around me. Occasionally people ask me questions about the price and performance of my electric scooter, and I will reply them. When the light turns green, I accelerate at full speed and leave all the worries and congestion behind me.

If you are a commuter like me and want to enjoy your journey in the morning and evening rush hour, then buy a Kugoo S1 Pro now!