Kugookirin S4 VS Mi Electric Scooter 3 Who wins?Hurry to have a look!

Urban traffic is always a headache, so we put our human brains to work and developed the Kugookirin S4. This car will bring you a lot of surprises, don't you believe? Let's use the data to prove it!

Want to know how our upcoming Kugookirin S4 will beat the Mi Electric Scooter 3? Let's take a look at the picture below to compare the differences.

Speed and Range

The Kugookirin S4 can run in three speed modes at 35 kmh/21.75 mph, which is 10 km more than the 25 kmh/15.54 mph of the Mi Electric Scooter 3. Use Mode 1 (15 kmh /9.32 mph) for a leisurely ride around the city, or Mode 3 (35 kmh /21.75 mph) for a quick commute. Zip through the city at an exhilarating pace, the wind in your hair, the adrenaline flowing, and enjoy the great outdoors.

In terms of range, the Kugookirin S4 has a range of 40 km /6.2 miles more than the Mi Electric Scooter 3. In addition, it can be charged once a week for a full week's commute, making it easy and environmentally friendly.

This is the perfect blend of cool and green for a city commute.

10 inch tires

Compared to the 8.5inch Mi Electric Scooter 3, the Kugookirin S4 has a more user-friendly tire design with a 10-inch / 25.4-centimeter tire and an extra-wide platform that supports 220 lb /100 kg. This oversized pneumatic tires makes the ride smoother, providing you with excellent shock absorption and a comfortable ride.

Widened design of the pedals

The 6-inch (15.2-centimeter) wide pedal gives you more free standing room. Widened pedal design also better meet the actual needs of the human body, in width, compared with ordinary scooter, increased by 30%.

3 steps to achieve folding

If you need to place your scooter in a tight space like a car, or take public transport, you can easily fold it in 3 steps by following the pictures below. Portable folding design, also very suitable for our gens to go to work, go to work on the office, need not worry about being stolen.

Powerful motor and intelligent battery management

Kugookirin S4 has a 360Wh (36V/10Ah) battery with an efficient power supply, which is 85Wh more than the 275Wh battery of the Mi Scooter 3. The 360Wh battery offers steady battery life, while the battery itself is also more durable.

In addition, it has a 500W motor, 730R/Min power of the motor propulsion force is strong, large power, can no pressure quickly and easily through slopes and steep roads.

It is worth mentioning that its battery also uses the BMS system to achieve battery short-circuit protection, over-current protection and temperature protection, as well as an intelligent sleep function, these multiple protections also make the battery more durable.

large intelligent touch screen control

Kugookirin S4 has a large touch-screen dashboard that allows you to see battery life, ride speed, motor temperature and other data as you ride. In addition, the speed cruise control system will reduce your driving operation and make your riding easier.

Sensitive braking response

Kugookirin S4 scooter features mechanical disc and electronic brakes. It is able to respond to electronic braking within 0.1 seconds, enabling high-speed braking without locking up the tires. Its 120 mm brake discs are larger than the normal 110 mm discs, making braking more stable. It allows you to stop quickly even in areas with heavy traffic, effectively protecting you and others.

Full safety

Kugookirin S4 has 3 built-in safety features to help you be safer; A bright LED headlight with 20m/65.6ft visibility and a tail light to help people see you from behind. Use the loud bell to alert others of your presence. Giving you full security and protection.

Looking at all aspects of the Kugookirin S4 electric scooter, it is perfect as a daily commuting tool. In terms of colour scheme, the classic black and red clash of color is quite sporty and stylish, simple and stylish.

So when will our be able to purchase this product?

Don't worry, our opening date is set for September 27th 2021, we'll see you on that day!

Finally, what questions do you have about this product and what do you like about it? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!