I Choose Electric Scooters for Commuting. And you?

Counting the time people spend on commuting, the result is frustrating. Taking office workers in London as an example, the average commute time is more than forty minutes. This means that the time we spend on commuting is almost the same as the time we spend on social and recreational activities. Although the average commuting time of the UK is the longest in Europe, it is even worse in other international cities.

So, how much time do you spent commuting?

However, there are many ways to avoid commuting depending on your work, schedule, and distance from your destination.

In fact, a New Yorker tired of the traffic all morning, he decided on  kayak across the Hudson River to work!

So, have you ever thought about investing in electric scooters?

Especially in big cities and suburbs, Electric Scooters are very suitable. You can shuttle in traffic and stop spending money on commuting! You can also protect the environment. The power of one person is insignificant, but the power of many people can change the world. This is a win-win!

The electric scooter is compact, foldable, convenient to carry and easy to operate.

Why don't you use it for commuting?

While riding an electric scooter to work or school might be convenient, it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. Here are a few tips for staying safe.

Wear Safety Helmet

When you get on an electric scooter, the first thing is to wear your helmet. It may protect your life at the moment of danger. It’s common to wear a helmet like wearing a seat belt in a car.

Watch For Pedestrians And Vehicles

You have to be extremely careful when ride in the city. Because you may need road and sidewalk where are full of pedestrian or cars, etc.

You don't have the priority or are allowed to speed. Don't be too pride when you can shuttle in the traffic when there is a traffic jam. Watch out!

Be aware of what’s around you and pay attention.

Avoid bad weather, like a rain, snow, etc.

This sounds terrible, the usual commute time will double because of the bad weather .

But you can’t think about riding an electric scooter to avoid the heavy traffic time. Don't push your luck!


let’s find out the best scooter you can take to work.

KUGOO S1 Pro Folding Electric Scooter

Retail Price: $336.99 USD

This electric scooter can meet your life needs, just like vegetable market, super market, park and so on. You can also ride it to your working place.

Up to 30 mile range(Standard)
30km/h top speed, 3 speed modes(15km/h, 25km/h, 30km/h)

8 Inch Solid Honeycomb Explosion-Proof Tires

7.5Ah Battery - It is more durable with 7.5Ah high capacity battery.

350W Motor - Strong power and running farther: 350W motor, Max 30km running distance

LCD Display Screen 

Hills - 15% Grade

Max Load - 264 IB / 120 kg 

A Video: KUGOO S1 Pro User Experience with Jake Billing


If you ride it in rule, there is no danger.

Of course, there are dangers like other vehicles, pedestrians, obstacles, weather does impact your safety. But you can protect yourself from danger in terms of weather.

Slow down when you are not familiar with the place.

Slow down when you are not sure whether that car is stopping or not, even if you are in a hurry or have right of way.

Slow down when you see kids playing, the old crossing the road.

The accidents almost come from little things which you can do it well. It just some common sense that can ensure your safety. 

Everything in this world can be dangerous, just a small piece of banana peel may possibly put you in danger. However, keeping general knowledge in mind always can minimize any danger 10 fold…



1. Make sure your scooter is charged.

2. Properly maintaining your board.

3. Watch the weather forecast in advance. It's nice, so you can ride; It's bad, so you should choose other commuting way.