How To Prevent The Electric Scooters Being Stolen?

Electric scooter is not only an important means of transport for our daily work and travel, but also a valuable personal belongings. When the electric scooter is lost or stolen, we will inevitably be heartbroken. Therefore, theft prevention is also the top priority in the daily maintenance of electric scooters.

  • Always remember to lock your electric scooter when you park it

Many people often forget to lock their electric scooters after riding them because they are in a hurry or feel troublesome. It is not known that even if the electric scooter is locked, it may be stolen, not to mention the electric scooter that is not locked. To ensure our electric scooters won't be stolen, we must lock the electric scooter after use.

  • Add additional lock to electric scooter

In the face of the ever-changing theft methods of thieves, just using the original lock device of the electric scooter does not necessarily prevent our electric scooter from being stolen. To reduce the possibility of our electric scooter being stolen, we can add a good quality additional lock to our electric scooter.

Red Lock for Bicycles and Electric Scooters | CYCL

  • Choose a safe parking location

When we park electric scooters, we should choose to park electric scooters in regulated parking lots, rather than park them in unguarded and unattended residential courtyards or streets. Don't let the electric scooter out of people's sight, it is best to park the electric scooter in a monitored place.

Premium Photo | Electric scooter in the parking lot, on the street. city  transport rental system.

  • Save the documents after buying electric scooters

When buying electric scooters, please choose the regular brand of electric scooters. After the purchase, you should register the basic information such as frame number, motor number, color and model of the electric scooter in detail, and also store the invoice properly. Once there is a theft case, this information will be able to serve as a useful clue for the police to solve the case,and to facilitate the police in recovery of stolen electric scooters, according to this effective information to verify the owner.

  • Report the loss of electric scooters in time

Some people do not report the theft of electric scooters, which further fuels the arrogance of criminals. Therefore, once the electric scooter is found to be stolen to report in time, it is easy for the public security organs to analyze the dynamics of the crime, the scientific deployment of patrol forces, and try to do their best to prevent security.

 I'm a police officer, and I fear increased powers of stop and search will  undermine public trust | Andy George | The Guardian

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