How To Maintain Your E-scooters' Battery?

As the saying goes: Clothes is not as good as new, but friends are not as good as old. "Old" means knowing the roots of the things. Many things are reluctant to change after a long time. Just like antiques, you always feel that everything is precious. The same is true to the e-scooters you ride, but no matter how good the quality is, the e-scooters need to be maintained, especially in terms of batteries.

We usually think of charging the battery when the battery of the e-scooter is completely exhausted; or only when we need to use it, will we think of charging it, but the battery is not fully charged before riding out; or we do not use an e-scooter for a month or two or even longer and we can’t even think of charging the battery. Actually, these are all unfavorable uses that shorten the battery life. Kugoo e-scooters use lithium batteries, so how to maintain lithium batteries? And how to extend its service life? Let’s introduce it in detail~

Charge your battery in time:

What if one fails to charge the e-scooter in time? Don’t worry! The impact on the new battery does not take a long time for the first charge. Now the e-scooter charging almost completely with the light function. After the light indicating that the battery is fully charged, it will generally stop charging automatically. But to be safe, unplug the power in time after 1-2 hours to prevent from over charging.

If you won’t ride an e-scooter for a few days, there are two key factors that will affect the overall operating condition of the battery: the ambient temperature and the percentage of the battery that is charged before being stored in a power failure.

Here are some tips to store your battery when you won’t use your e-scooter for a long time:

  • Do not fully charge or discharge completely, the battery charge is best to be about 50%-70%.
  • Put the equipment in a cool and non-humid environment, the temperature should be lower than 35 degrees.
  • If you plan to store the device for one month or more, it is best to achieve a deep discharge once a month. And charge the battery per month as possible as you can.

Actually, if you store the device when the battery is completely depleted, the battery may fall into a deep discharge state, causing the consequence that it cannot be recharged any more. Conversely, if you store a fully charged device for a long period of time, you may lose some of the battery capacity and shorten the battery life. And when using it again, be sure to check the battery condition, if part of the power has been consumed, you must recharge it again.

Do not change the charger frequently:

Each e-scooter manufacturer generally has individual requirements for chargers, and the input of each charger will be different, so as to make a battery suitable for its own brand. If the continuation mileage is relatively long, it is necessary to equip multiple chargers for charging when you are in different places. (Normally, we use additional chargers during the day and use the original charger at night.) Removing the speed limit of the controller can increase the speed of some e-scooters, but in addition to reducing the safety of the scooter, it will also reduce the service life of the battery.

Keep your battery away from the extreme temperature:

Normal electric scooters can perform well in a wide range of ambient temperature. The temperature range of 16-22 is the ideal temperature zone for the highest battery performance. It is especially important to keep the battery away from places where the ambient temperature is higher than 35, otherwise the battery capacity may be damaged. In this case, after your battery is charged, it can no longer power your device for a long time. Charging the device in a high temperature environment may further damage the device. Even storing the battery of a high temperature environment may cause irreparable damage.

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