Flash Sale Is Coming-Come and Pick Your E-scooter!!

July 6 - 16, all products in our store can use coupons!!

Yes, all products can use coupons!!!

Coupon codes for flash sale:

$45 OFF $800 - code45

$35 OFF $700 - code35

$25 OFF $500 - code25

$15 OFF $200 - code15

Enter the discount code when checkout:


  • Are you still hesitating how to reduce your commute time?

  • Are you still hesitating what gift to give your friends?

  • Are you still hesitating whether to buy an e-scooter to start your happy journey?

Never miss this promotion!

Come and pick your e-scooters as soon as possible!!


Any questions, please email to: market@kugoo-scooter.com  :)