Should We Wear Gloves When Riding An Electric Scooter?

Gloves are a great invention. In our lives, gloves of different materials have different uses, and they protect our hands in different ways. For example,

  • doctors wear gloves to protect their hands from bacteria and viruses,
  • construction workers wear gloves to protect their hands from friction,
  • children building snowmen wear gloves to protect their hands from frostbite.

Why should us need to wear gloves when riding an electric scooter?

Because they:

  • can keep our hands warm,
  • can protect us when we fall from the electric scooter,
  • can increase the friction between our hands and the handlebar,
  • make our riding experience more interesting and relaxing.

The biggest difference between electric scooter gloves and ordinary gloves is that they are more lightweight, waterproof, warm and non-slip.

Electric scooter gloves are extremely protective for riders. They can not only minimize the possibility of injury when you fall, but also keep your hands in a dry and warm environment to improve your riding experience.

Are electric scooter gloves and bicycle gloves the same?

In fact, electric scooter gloves are usually very lightweight. This is designed to reduce the burden on the rider's hands and allow the rider to ride more freely. However, some bicycle gloves are designed for more intense riding activities, such as mountain bike riding gloves. If you just need gloves for daily commuting, you can choose lightweight gloves.

We have to mention that when riding in cold winter, please be sure to wear lightweight and warm gloves, which will make your riding more interesting.

Which should we choose, full-finger gloves or half-finger gloves?

Half-finger gloves are generally preferred in warmer temperatures as they reduce the likelihood of the rider's hands sweating and provide enough friction to keep the rider's hands and handlebars from slipping.

Full-finger gloves are more popular in cooler temperatures, as they don't provide enough warmth for our hands during cold winter rides. In fact, Kugoo recommends that you buy full-finger gloves when riding, as they give you more protection if you accidentally fall over.

What do we need to look for when buying electric scooter gloves?

There are many electric scooter gloves on the market for us to choose from and we need to be aware of the following when buying them:

  • Comfort
  • Light weight
  • Breathable material
  • Resistance
  • Good grip
  • Affordable
  • Stylish

Before purchasing your electric scooter gloves, please note that your gloves fit your hand size, if you are unsure of your hand size, please consult customer service.

So, do you usually wear gloves when you ride an electric scooter?

If you wear gloves on your daily electric scooter riding, then we would like to tell you that this is a very good habit and it's better to continue to do so. If you don't wear gloves on your daily electric scooter riding, then it's not too late to start wearing them on your ride.