Can You Ride An E-scooter If You Are In High Weight?

With the pandemic of the e-scooter, you could see many different people use them on the street. Some of them are in very light weight and enjoy the riding very much, while some of them may just like me - a little bit overweight,and worry about whether we can ride an e-scooter due to the high weight.

So can we ride an e-scooter if we are in high weight?

The answer is YES.

What is the normal load limit?

At present, the load limit of most e-scooters on the market is 100kg-120kg (220-265lb), and the majority of our e-scooters are within the average range of the market. Actually, it is not completely impossible to use this product if you weigh more than 120kg. It's just that the heavier the weight, the more gentle driving is required. In addition, if the weight exceeds 120kg, the climbing and obstacle crossing ability of the car will also decrease. If you are tall and heavy, please ride carefully as much as possible.

Why load capacity matters?

Load capacity refers to the maximum demand, stress, or load that may be placed on a given system under normal or otherwise specified conditions for an extended period of time. In other words, it refers to the capacity of a system to continue to perform its intended function when supporting a specific amount of weight.

Normally, load capacity usually pertains specifically to the maximum demand, stress, or load that can safely be placed upon a system without causing it to fail.

Therefore, our regulations on the maximum load capacity are very necessary, but if your weight has indeed exceeded the maximum load capacity of our electric scooters, please pay attention to your own safety when riding.

The effects of the load limit

*Motor Power

We all know that when the power of the motor is greater, the motor will rotate faster, the acceleration and speed of the electric scooter will be faster, and the load it can bear will be greater. At present, the majority of electric scooters on the market have motors of 300-500 W. Usually, this type of electric scooters are operated by a single motor. However, there is another part of electric scooters with dual motors, which are suitable for people with heavier weight and those with higher riding requirements. If the terrain in the area where you are riding is not so flat or you want to have a very high-speed riding experience, you'd better to choose a more powerful motor.

*Battery Capacity

Just like the power of the motor, the battery of the larger capacity can provide more power for the motor. Therefore, the faster our riding distance can be, the longer the riding distance can be. As riding with heavier weight, we need a larger battery capacity than ordinary people to support our riding. It is really essential to choose a larger capacity battery.


When the riding speed is the same, the braking time and braking distance required by the heavier rider is significantly longer than that of the lighter rider. So choosing the right brake is also a point worthy of our reference. Our Kugoo G2 Pro and Kugoo G-Max are very suitable for riders with heavier weight.

*Frame And Chassis Structure

During driving, we are standing on the chassis of the electric scooter. When the rider's weight is heavier, the requirements for the frame and chassis of the scooter are higher. Only the frame and chassis of the scooter are strong enough to ensure that the rider can enjoy the speed of the electric scooter while traveling safely.

Recommendation of high weight riders:

Kugoo G2 Pro

  • Max. Load: 130KG
  • Motor Rated Power: 800W
  • Battery Capacity: 48V/13Ah
  • Max. Speed: 50km/h
  • Product Weight: 23.5 kg
  • Product Dimensions: 120 x 62 x 121cm (Unfold)

 Kugoo G-Booster 

  • Max Load: 120kg
  • Motor Power: 800W x 2
  • Battery Capacity: 48V/23Ah
  • Max Speed: 55km/h
  • Braking Distance: 5M 
  • Product Weight: 30kg
  • Product Size(L x W x H): 120 x 26 x 118cm

    Special notice: Wear A Helmet !!