Can I Ride My Electric Scooter In The Rain?

Summer is the rainy season of the year, especially the thunderstorms, which caught many electric car owners off guard. So today we are going to talk about it, if we can ride an electric scooter on rainy day.

Actually, we do not recommend you to ride an electric bike on rainy days.

The following details may help you to know the reasons:

  • As we all know, our visibility is lower than usual on rainy days, which affects the riding experience. Electric scooter riders need to be very concentrated to ensure safe riding in low visibility conditions.
  • When the rain floats through our faces, or flies into our eyes, we will subconsciously wipe our faces or rub our eyes. In fact, this is a very dangerous action. The riding reminder of an electric scooter requires the rider to control the handlebar with both hands, and one-handed riding will reduce the rider's ability to control the electric scooter and make the rider easy to slip and fall.
  • The road will inevitably become slippery on rainy days. It is very dangerous to ride at our usual speed, especially where we need to turn. The wheels of an electric scooter run on wet and slippery ground, and the friction is greatly reduced compared to the original. If the rider turns directly without reducing the speed, it is very easy to slip and fall.
  • The waterproof rating of our electric scooters is IP54, which means that our electric scooters are splash-proof-that is to say, you can ride the Kugoo electric scooters through stagnant water on the ground or ride in drizzle for a short time. If you ride in heavy rain for a long time, it will cause rainwater to invade the motor or battery and affect the service life of the electric scooter.

In general, we do not recommend that you ride an electric scooter in the rain, but if you must ride in the rain, please also pay attention to the following points:

  • Adjust mood

Riding outside on a rainy day, especially on the way to work, will be more psychologically stressful and easy to be impetuous. It is better to adjust your mentality and relax.


  • Slow down

When the road is slippery on rainy days, the rider must slow down, whether it is uphill or downhill, on a flat road, or on a turn, so as to have more time to deal with emergencies.

  • Avoid artificial markings, sewer openings, manhole covers, areas with a lot of fallen leaves, and areas with stagnant water

Zebra crossings, double white lines, sewer openings, manhole covers, fallen leaves, stagnant water and other areas are more prone to brakes, so you must be careful and pass carefully.

  • Pay attention to pedestrians and vehicles

The trajectory of a pedestrian is difficult to predict, and no one knows whether he will suddenly change his direction. Similarly, stay away from bicycles and electric vehicles. It is very dangerous for them to stop suddenly, so it is best to keep a distance from the vehicle in front.

  • Go home as soon as possible or take refuge indoors

Long-term exposure to the rain is not a good thing. Electric scooters may reduce their service life due to the intrusion of rain. Riders should not be exposed to the rain for a long time-they will catch a cold.

Kugoo hopes that every time you travel is safe and happy!