Portable Electric Scooter For Adults – Kugoo Electric Scooter

The kugoo electric scooter is the best portable.It comes with a special folding principle called the trolley design. It means that the entire scooter folds to a trolley and you can push it around as you would do with a suitcase. Most folding electric scooters you have to carry around and that is why this model is so interesting.

The good thing about the scooter is that it is very light. If you would have to carry it, you wouldn’t break a sweat since it has 28lbs. The model comes with a battery that gives you a 10-mile ride at the speed of 25mph on a single charge which is pretty OK. The entire charging time is around 3.5 hours and that is pretty impressive for an electric scooter.

This portable electric scooter is also very safe. It comes with two brakes so you can be sure it will stop and it has 8-inch tires made mostly for pavement and city ride. But, if you do ride over a puddle on the pavement you won’t get dirty because the scooter is equipped with big fenders.

There is another interesting feature on the tires. They are made in the honeycomb design, which makes them durable and airless. This special design makes the scooter stand up on its own which is good because you don’t have to install the leg on it.