Tips for Electric Scooter Maintenance

Electric scooters have been in the market for a long time and they’re more and more popular recently as they become legal in many countries.

However, small problems and even breakdown could happen on these scooters without proper maintenance.

For example, an electric scooter can stop working because of failures like failed controller, malfunctioning battery, broken motor, ect. And if there is a brake malfunction, it may cause an accident.

Are you aware that your nice and smooth rides can be saved just by simple tricks? Check out the following tips on maintenance to keep your electric scooter running.

Recording the scooter details

You should keep a record of the scooter particulars such as wiring harnesses and battery connections before maintenance.

Taking photos of critical parts can help you easily reconnect wires and put parts back correctly. 

Tire Inflation

Make sure both tires are properly inflated if they are pneumatic. You can use your hand to press the tires and then decide whether these are in a proper pressure. If you find that you can easily press the tire then it means that the tire needs more inflation. Riding a scooter with its improper tire pressure may end up destroy both inner tubes and tires. When it comes to solid tire, you just need to check the wheel to see whether there is damage. You will see that it will be way more easier to replace an inner tube if you inflate the tube a little bit first to make it out of the rim. Don’t forget to tighten all the screws up after the replacement.

Battery Maintenance

Battery is a critical part of a e-scooter. It would be better if it can be charged by a good quality charger, or the standard charger came with the scooter. The light on the charger should be red when plug in, once it turns green, then the scooter is fully charged. But in a charging port malfunction situation, the light would always be green, even when the battery is empty.

Disconnect the charger once the scooter is fully charged, for leaving the battery in the charger for too long may also cause damage to it.

Charge the battery when there is one bar left. It’s harmful leaving the battery under a low power in status for long.

You shouldn’t be charging your scooter the second you end the ride. Let it cool down for minutes before you charge it. What’s more, you should not leave your battery idle for like months. You need to charge it once in a while even though you don’t ride it. These tricks will help you to extend your battery’s life expectancy.

Do not ride electric scooters in rain or on wet roads.

The main components are all electric so they may break if exposed to water, especially batteries. And although you were lucky and parts didn’t fail after riding during raining, some parts can get rusted if you don’t wipe these pieces.

And as for as i am concerned, riding a scooter in rain could be a real harass, where roads become slippery and sight distance become short which means you can’t see far.


Don’t forget the oil. Just like any other vehicles, e scooters require regular lubrication on the moving parts. You should lubricate at least once in a week if you ride your scooter very often. Clean the parts before you apply oil on them. 

 Keep your scooter under proper maintenance will not only prevent you from accidents but also allows your scooter to last long. But all these tips and tricks are base on good quality scooters, if the scooter is in poor quality, any maintenance won’t help. So it is also crucial to choose a good scooter. We have tell some tips about that on our blog Tips to Fast Choose a Decent Electric Scooter