Kugoo G booster--- the most powerful scooter with a range of 85km

G booster is a electric scooter with sleek design, which allows you to shuttle off the road. The versatile and comfortable scooter certainly provides you an expressed ride.

Isn’t it fantastic that it can go 85 km on a single charge?

Highlights of G booster

10 inches vacuum tire

Strong grip, wear-resisting and safe. It's suitable for different kinds of roads.

2 Motors On In Front Wheel, On In The Back Wheel

The strong driving force, 800W and 2 motors, 85km running distance.

That makes it the most powerful scooter.

Disc Brake

Front and back is disc brake, it's much more safe for people to ride.

3 Speed Modes

You control the speed according to the different road surface conditions, which makes driving more comfortable and riding more security.

55km/h max speed

Shortening the time to commute greatly.

With the safe, smooth and durable scooter, you will feel like you are in new world.

Time to take action!