Is Electric scooter Suitable For Campus Commute?

It will be the beginning of the school season again soon. Will there be any maladjustments for freshmen entering the school?

I think one of the things you can’t adapt to is probably because the school is too big! After all, a university is still very different from a high school. Some dormitories are miles away from the teaching building, which is too time-consuming and laborious.

You may have seen many people ride electric scooters on the campus, but are electric scooters suitable for campus commute?

The answer is yes, electric scooters are suitable for campus commute.

  • High-power motor 

Most of our electric scooters can reach to 30km/h, it can really save your time when you ride an electric scooter for campus commute. And the motor specifications are 150W-1600W, which can fully meet your daily commute on campus.

  • Large-capacity battery 

As you can see, most of our electric scooters are made of large battery capacity, which means you can ride the electric scooters to and from the teaching building and the dormitory many times before the next charge.

  • Large load capacity

Our electric scooters usually have a maximum load capacity of 120-150kg, which means that they are suitable for most people. Of course, if your weight exceeds the maximum load capacity, you can still ride our scooters, but we recommend low speeds.

  • High damping spring frame

Our electric scooters can be shifted freely according to needs, the operation is stable and safe. Also the power is more powerful, and the 15° slope is pressure-free. The frame is designed with mechanical structure, and the high shock-absorbing spring is placed at the center of the frame, without fear of any road section, making riding more comfortable.

  • Foldable designs and lightweight

The Kugoo electric scooters are truly lightweight designs that allow you to fold easily and travel at style! Usually Kugoo electric scooters are not very heavy, Kugoo electric scooters are easy to ride around campus and are easy to fold and store or carry.


Some tips: 

  • Make sure the battery is full enough for your riding.
  • Wear a helmet and protective gear during your riding.
  • Follow the traffic light and road rules during your riding.
  • Do not ride your electric scooter in rainy day.
  • Keep the distance from other people on the road.
  • Keep calm and down during your riding.
  • Practice makes perfect, hope you can enjoy your riding!