Introducing an electric bike with a child seat ----- Kugoo Kirin B2

With a 400W high-speed motor 48V and a 7.5 Ah lithium battery, the electric bike easily helps you to drive up to 45km/h and the fast-charging system taking only 5-6 hours, which makes it an ideal transportation for getting around the city and short distance travel.

It is quipped with 3 modes: pedal mode, pure electric mode and moped mode. Even if you forget to charge your e-bike and the battery suddenly runs out of power during a ride, you can pedal it to the destination, with no interruption to your plan.

The frame of the bike is designed in Dolphin Shape with a circular arc design hand shank which can be fold for portable convenience and easy storage. What’s more, it comes with a child seat so that you can take your kid with you when going out. Of course the seat is removable, you can take it off whenever you want.

From handbrake for more efficient braking to pedals and child seat, it has everything you love and everything you need as the latest e bike of Kugoo.

The eco-friendly bike is 100% electric and emissions-free, saving both your wallet and the environment.