How To Make A Electric Scooter Faster?

You may be curious, how fast can electric scooters run? And can we increase the speed of our electric scooters?  Of course, we can increase the speed of our scooters. Let's see the details we need to know:

The following are some of the factors that determine the speed of an electric scooter:

  • Rider's weight

It is not difficult to understand that, all other things being equal, an electric scooter will run slower when the rider is heavier. So before buying an electric scooter, check its maximum weighed weight.

  • Tire pressure

It is essential to check your tires when travelling, especially if your electric scooter has pneumatic tires. Insufficient air pressure in pneumatic tires can make riding very slow, and if the tire pressure is too high there is a risk of a blow-out, so we must check the tire pressure before every trip.

  • Battery capacity

As mentioned above, the higher the capacity of the battery, the more energy it can provide for the scooter and the higher the speed it can reach. 

  • Type of terrain

All other things being equal, an electric scooter will travel faster on city roads than on hills. This is because city roads usually have a smooth surface and, if there are hills, they are usually not as steep. And the friction of a hill or steep slope greatly increases the resistance to the electric scooter's progress, making the speed slower accordingly.

So how to increase the speed of our electric scooter:

  • Remove the speed limiter 

You may not know that your electric scooter can travel at a higher speed than you think. Why is this so? Easy, usually electric scooters will have a built-in speed limiter, but you may be wondering why electric scooters need to install it.

In fact, this is not difficult to understand, because most countries have legal regulations on roads, some commuting vehicles will be prohibited from driving on the road at maximum speed. The manufacturer of Kugoo electric scooters has installed speed limiters in all electric scooters in order to prevent the machine from running at maximum speed. However, if you want to drive at the maximum speed of the electric scooter, just remove the built-in speed limiter.

Obviously, every electric scooter is different, so if you want to remove the speed limiter, you need to deal with it according to the actual situation. Before removing it, please make sufficient preparations to ensure that other parts of your electric scooter will not be damaged. Furthermore, when you remove the speed limiter of the scooter, it will increase your risk of injury during riding. In addition, the battery of your electric scooter will drain faster.

  • Upgrade your battery

The capacity of the battery and the power of the motor determine the speed of your electric scooter. Normally, if you upgrade your battery to a higher version, your electric scooter will go faster.

However, what needs our attention is that upgrading the battery is a very complicated process. You need to make sure that your battery will not overload the controller after the upgrade. Otherwise, your electric scooter will appear to be burned instead of increasing its speed.

  • Carry spare batteries

Usually the speed at the beginning of riding an electric scooter is higher than the speed after riding for a period of time. This is because when the battery is consumed for a period of time, the energy that can be provided gradually decreases until it disappears. If you can carry spare batteries when you travel, then you can always maintain a high-speed riding state.

But it is worth noting that the weight of spare batteries is usually not light. If you consider carrying spare batteries, it may affect the portability of your trip. Please think twice before choosing this option.

  • Rewind your motor

When your motor overheats, it is necessary to rewind the motor. But this process is very complicated, we suggest you hire professional technicians to complete this work. Otherwise, you are likely to damage your scooter, which will require more money to repair your scooter. Let professional people do the professional things! Hiring a professional to rewind your motor will not only not damage your electric scooter, but also increase its speed.

Final Thoughts:

There are many benefits to using an electric scooter:

  • Compared with traditional public transportation, electric scooters are more free to use, and you don't need to worry about missing a certain trip;
  • Compared with cars, electric scooters are obviously a more economical way to travel, and travelers don't need to worry about parking spaces;
  • Compared with traditional bicycles, electric scooters are more time-saving, labor-saving and convenient.

When you get on your favorite electric scooter and finally reach top speed, it can be a really exhilarating experience. But be careful. To prevent accidents, you must train yourself fully in standard safety procedures.

kugoo hopes you can enjoy your electric scooter trip!