How To Clean Electric Scooter?

It is inevitable that we will get our electric scooters dirty during our daily commute. How to clean an electric scooter is a real headache.

Can electric scooters be cleaned with water or not?

If we use water to clean it, will it damage our scooters?

Today Kugoo will bring you a detailed tutorial on how to clean an electric scooter.

  • Park your scooter in an open area

The first step when cleaning your scooter is to put it in an open area and park it firmly. This is so that you can easily reach all the parts when cleaning. It is also essential that your scooter is parked firmly as you don't want it to fall over during the cleaning process.

  • Clean with cold water

  1. We need to make sure that our electric scooter is turned off and cool down.
  2. Please do not use a water pressure gun to rinse the scooter, as the water from the gun may run into the motor through the gap in the side cover and cause damage to the scooter.
  3. Use cold water (neither hot nor ice) to clean the scooter. Water that is too hot or too cold is not suitable for cleaning the scooter.

  • Use the right detergent

It is essential to choose the right detergent before cleaning your scooter. Detergents like soap and shampoo are milder and less likely to damage the scooter's parts and exterior paintwork. If you don't want to use soap or shampoo, you can also use regular detergents to clean your scooter, but remember to control the amount you use to avoid damaging the scooter's exterior.

  • Scrub with a soft sponge or cloth

Wet a sponge or soft cloth in water with the right proportion of detergent and then gently wipe the scooter. Never use tools such as wire balls or hard bristle brushes to clean as these can cause damage to the scooter's appearance or parts. Also, when cleaning the dashboard, pedals and tires, please do not allow water to get into the scooter which will affect its use later on.

  • Wash again using clean water

After scrubbing the scooter with a sponge or soft cloth with detergent, we also need to scrub the scooter again with clean water to ensure that no detergent remains on the scooter. Please do not skip this step, after all, detergent left on the scooter for a long time can have an effect on it.

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  • Dry your electric scooter

After scrubbing your scooter with clean water, please use a dry, soft cloth to dry it. If you want to let your scooter dry naturally, please park it in a cool, dry place as direct sunlight can cause water spots.

  • Lubricate or inflate the tires

After drying your electric scooter, please don't forget to check that the various parts. If necessary, lubricate the brake lever pivot points, folding foot pegs and keyholes. You can also check the tires and if the air pressure is low, inflate them in time for your next ride.

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