Specs of KUKIRIN G2

Top speed 45km/h
Top Speed in each mode 25km/h 35km/h 45km/h
Range 55km
Battery 48V 15Ah
Motor Rated Power 800W
Hill Climbing 15°
Brake System Disc Brake System
Tires 10''
Size Unfold 126*66*126cm, Fold 126*66*54cm
Pedal Width 46*18.5cm
Chassis Height 17.5cm
Weight 26kg
Max load 120kg
Charging Time 8-9h
IP Rating IP54
  • Data of specs are typical values in lab settings for your reference only, and could be impacted by riding style, weight, terrain, and weather.
  • Other specs are typical values for your reference only. KUGOO shall be entitled to change without notice for any technological innovations.