How to Teach Your Kid to Ride Electric Scooter?

Has your kid ever rode an electric scooter?

Riding an electric scooter and enjoying the sun and breeze with friends on the street may be your child's experience of riding a happy ride as an older child.

When adults see an electric scooter, they usually start riding in their own way. Even if they don't have high riding skills, they would not hesitate to get on the scooter and start the journey.

In fact, there are many skills to ride an electric scooter.

Now, we are going to discuss how to teach your kid to ride an electric scooter.

What? Your kid does not have an electric scooter yet?

KUGOO KIRIN Mini 2 - perfect for kids over 8.

As with any means of transportation, safety is our first consideration when riding.

Before riding, you need to make sure that your kid is equipped with proper riding equipment: a suitable helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and a Kugoo electric scooter. After preparing these, your kid can start his happy riding journey!

Determine Their Dominant Feet

Just like riding a regular scooter, everyone has their own dominant feet. Usually the dominant foot of most of us is our right foot, thus forming our usual posture. However, there are few people who use the left foot as their dominant feet, and we usually call it ‘silly foot’.

In fact, even if your kid's dominant foot is his left foot, it will not affect his riding experience. While, how to confirm whether your kid's dominant foot is the left foot or the right foot?

You simply have them stand at the bottom of a flight of stairs with their feet flat on the floor. Then ask them to walk up the stairs.

The foot your child chooses to place on the first step is likely to be their dominant foot.

Tell Your Kid To Keep Balance

Keeping balance is an indispensable skill for riding an electric scooter. During normal riding, we need to stand on the pedals of the electric scooter, maintain a relaxed state and pay attention to the driving environment around us in real time. Kugoo kirin Mini 2 has a non-zero start setting. Your child must accelerate for a short distance before riding. On the one hand, this setting can ensure that your child can adapt to the riding state. On the other hand, the maximum speed of this electric scooter is limited, which will not put your kid in danger.

Make Sure The Electric Scooter Is Set Up Correctly

Before your child starts riding an electric scooter, you need to set it to a state suitable for your child to ride. For our Kugoo kirin Mini 2 electric scooter, you can unfold the electric scooter into a state suitable for riding within 3 seconds before your child is ready to ride, or you can fold it within 3 seconds after riding. 

Of course, you also need to prepare a pair of suitable shoes for your child, and let him try to stand on the electric scooter and keep his balance. As well as you need to check whether all parts of the electric scooter are intact and whether the brakes are sensitive before he rides-this is a very important point to prevent your child from being injured.

Find A Flat Place And Start Riding

Take your Kugoo electric scooter and start a happy journey with your kid! Of course, don't forget to bring your good mood! A flat riding environment is also essential -- enough space allows your children to have more freedom to ride.

Kugoo electric scooter reminds you again: Before you and your kid start all riding activities, please make sure that you and your child have worn helmets and other protective gears. It's likely to fall during their first ride, and these equipment can protect them from injury.

When everything is ready, ask your kid to straddle the scooter, place his hands on the handlebars and place his feet on the ground.

Then, ask him to put his non-dominant foot on the scooter and at the same time put his dominant foot on the ground. This will allow him to easily enter the basic scooter balance.

Once he have the confidence to balance the scooter at a standstill, he can handle his own riding from that moment. 

If necessary, you can provide your kid with some help, tell your him to push forward a little with his dominant foot, then lift this foot, and then put on the ground to continue the action just now.

Basically, your child can ride on an electric scooter under the guidance of your actions: standing, pushing, sliding, backing, standing, pushing, sliding, backing, etc. Repeating these actions may be natural for some children, which is good!

However, if your child does not complete these movements smoothly or starts to feel depressed, you might as well take a break.

Please remember: riding an electric scooter is something worthy of fun. Perhaps your child has not mastered the riding skills in a short time, but this should not become a stumbling block for him to experience the fun of an electric scooter.

Failure is the mother of success. Slow progress will make your kid appreciate the meaning of riding an electric scooter. Parents' encouragement and his own non-giving up can also let him experience the different scenery in life.

Encourage your children! Maybe in the next second, he will be a kid who can master electric scooter riding by himself!

Learn To Use The Brakes

Different electric scooters have different braking systems. It is vital that your child knows how to use the brakes and is able to do so.

Under normal circumstances, children do not know how to brake when riding an electric scooter for the first time, and they may be confused. "How should I stop our electric scooters?" Before they become familiar with the riding of electric scooters, this is a very confusing new skill.

The brake of Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 is on the left handlebar. After pressing, your child can stop quickly while riding.

Or you can teach your child to use the foot brake, but this method requires your child to have a good sense of balance and not to ride too fast, because your child needs to use his dominant foot when the electric scooter slides slowly.


If your child is less than 8 years old, we do not recommend your child to ride an electric scooter
Of course, if your child has enough balance ability and enough riding experience, please be sure to wear a helmet and protective gear before riding.

Learning scooters is an excellent way for children to be active with their families. Children can feel the company of their parents and family members by learning electric scooters. The happy time spent together will become their precious memory.

Take your children, your scooter and your safety equipment, and go out-a world full of possibilities of electric scooter awaits you!