Portable Electric Scooter With Seat – Kugoo G-booster Electric Scooter

The best portable electric scooter with seat is made by Kugoo and it is on the expensive part of this list. But, this is understandable considering the quality and performance it has.

This impressive portable electric scooter comes with two 800W motors which mean it has the power of 1600W. That is amazing and that is why you can ride it for 45 miles at the top speed of 35mph. Also, you can go up the hill as long as it isn’t more than 30°.

The battery on the scooter is pretty OK, which is natural since it has a 1600w motor. But, you have to be aware that this battery requires at least 10 hours of charging time. Also, not surprising due to the capacity and range.

The entire electric scooter has 6 shock absorbers so you can consider it an off-road electric scooter.The braking system is ABS so you can be sure it will stop the motor on time and you are safe on it. But, you are the one that pushes brakes so don’t forget about that.

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