Kugoo G-Booster | How-To Replace Suspension Arm?

We recently received emails from some customers asking us how to replace the Kugoo G-Booster's suspension arm. The following video may be helpful to you, we hope you can watch it patiently.

Suspension arm refers to the part that connects the wheel and the body. Therefore, if viewed formally, it has two main functions: one is to hang the wheel under the body; the other is to support the body on the wheel to play The role of inheriting from the next.

From the perspective of the performance of the suspension arm itself, it has two main functions: one is to damp the vibration, which is the main reason why the suspension arm is used on electric scooters; the other is to support the electric scooter body, which is so large that you can't just put it on the wheels.

For various reasons, we may be facing damage to the front or rear suspension arms, so today we will discuss how to replace these parts!

Okay, if you have already read up to here, let's start the replacement!

What you need to prepare include:

  • Spanners and screwdrivers
  • New suspension arm
  • Your patience and cautious
  • The following video

The suspension arm is available in our store, get yours and start your replacement from now!