Tips For Riding An Electric Scooter At Night

Night riding is one of the interesting activities you can do on an electric scooter. Many electric scooter enthusiasts have at least one or two night riding experiences. This is an experience of riding in the middle of the night.
Compared with the crowded traffic and hot air during the day, the quiet and unobstructed lanes at night, the night riding is a new experience. In a quiet enough atmosphere at night, when you are driving at a speed of 30km/h on an almost empty highway, chatting with friends is also a good choice.

When my friend and I rode electric scooters at night for the first time, we all thought it would be scary or encounter incredible difficulties. But in fact, we only encountered some small slopes while riding. Compared with the daytime riding, we slowed down.

It was really dark night, and all we could see on the road were the distant cars and the lights on the roof. The sound of electric scooters is particularly obvious in the quiet night. For many people, riding an electric scooter at night with friends may be very unsafe.

In fact, Kugoo electric scooters are equipped with lights, and different styles of electric scooters have different side lights. When we ride at night, we can clearly see our figure by passing cars or pedestrians to ensure our riding safety.

So, what preventive and protective measures should we take when we ride at night?

Know how to brake effectively
People's early warning ability at night is not as strong as during the day. Many pedestrians habitually walk while looking at their mobile phones, and do not pay much attention to the vehicles around them. When you encounter this kind of pedestrian, you need to know how to stop the electric scooter to make sure you don't hit him.

Secondly, the visibility at night is lower than during the day. If you ride in a strange environment at night, it will be more difficult to distinguish the surrounding road conditions. If we encounter bumpy or very difficult roads, we also need to stop our electric scooters to prevent ourselves from being injured.

Know your protective equipment
Kugoo always recommends that you wear a helmet and safety equipment when riding an electric scooter, because these equipment can protect you from injury or minimize injury during your riding. But you should also know exactly how the engine of your electric scooter runs so that you can focus on riding.

If you want to test your electric scooter while riding at night, this is definitely not recommended. Riding at night is not a time to test new equipment-it is a time to ride with old, familiar equipment. So that you can pass safely when you encounter an oncoming car or pedestrian.

Make sure you're visible!
It's important to let people know where you are and how you're moving. Some ways to make this a reality are to wear bright clothing and a helmet with bright light colors, or use an electric scooter with lights (like the Kudos electric scooter)! These investments are very necessary. These investments are well worth it!

Plus, in addition to keeping you safe, these amenities will make you look really cool. I dazzle and have a lot of fun when I take these facilities to races and night rides.

Build a night ride team!
At night, when people are finishing their work or homework and leaving the environment they were in during the day, people always want to go on a night ride. For example, in my city, the weekly event is a downhill night ride. We skate through a park, skate through some trails, then we take a very flat downhill road and then back to our starting point. Afterwards we enjoy a cup of coffee and some doughnuts to release the exhaustion and busyness of the week. Usually our night rides are on Friday or Saturday evenings, and experiencing a night ride with a small group of people in the group gives me a new experience each time.

In fact, it's not terribly difficult to schedule a night ride. Really, all you need to do is plan out a route, let people know about it, and stick to it every week! Gather some people who love to ride at night and start your fun night ride. In addition, organizing a night ride will give you some authority. Plus, this will give you some authority in the field and possibly get you acquainted with the pros (free stuff!) .

Night riding is truly one of the most enjoyable activities I've ever indulged in, and I hope it does the same for you!