5 Tips to Make Your Electric Scooter Ride More Comfortable

Riding electric scooters can not only satisfy our daily commute, but also make us relax and bring us a lot of fun. With thousands of bike paths and trails around the world, riding an electric scooter is easier than ever. However, even short rides can sometimes lead to neck, back, and body aches, discomfort, and pain, especially for new riders.

No matter how short or long the ride is, riding an electric scooter is for fun, not pain. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve your comfort. Consider implementing these tips to make your ride more comfortable.

Choosing the right electric scooter for yourself

One of the first things to remember about the comfort of an electric scooter is the frame of the scooter, as the shape of the frame determines the rider's posture. If the shape of the frame does not match your intended riding position, it will not be conducive to your ride.

Most electric scooters are designed with a riding style or specific purpose in mind, some may be designed for performance, the geometry of the Kugoo electric scooter frame has been carefully designed so that the rider can make the most of the motorized scooter. Electric scooter frames come in a variety of shapes and uses, so it is important to know what each electric scooter is designed for and what type of riding you prefer.

Finding the right saddle height

A saddle height that is too low or too high can cause more than just discomfort. Although it may seem like only minor pain now, it can develop into further injury in the future. To prevent this from happening, one of the first areas you should consider adjusting is the saddle. Most electric scooters on the market require the rider to ride standing up, however the Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro comes with the original soft saddle that allows the rider to free their feet and ride sitting down.

The following are general instructions for optimum saddle height adjustment.

Place your hands on the handlebars and then sit on the saddle and place your feet on the pedals. If you cannot reach the pedals in your current seat position, lower the saddle until you can reach them. However, if your legs become too bent, lift the saddle until your lower legs are perpendicular to the pedals.

Men's and women's bike seats are different and it may take some experimentation to find the right seat height for you. Generally speaking, a wide saddle is better for an upright sitting position, while a narrow saddle is better for a forward leaning sitting position.

Choose an electric scooter with the right handlebar height

The right handlebar height allows you to ride for long periods of time without experiencing numbness or pain in your hands or body.

Before riding, riders need to set the handlebar height (so that their elbows are slightly bent and they should be able to easily place their feet on the ground when they need to stop). In addition, the torso tilt should be kept in a comfortable position and the rider should not slide forward or backwards on the pedals. (For electric scooters fitted with a cushion, the seat itself should be level, or at most bent down a few degrees from the front.)

The handlebar height affects the comfort level when riding. People who are new to riding electric scooters usually set the handlebars very high, a position that does not allow the rider to put too much weight on the arms and thus put more pressure on the back. However, experienced riders occasionally adjust the handlebars too low, which can also lead to back pain and reduced power.

At present, there are no basic rules for determining the exact handlebar height you should ride at. The best thing you can do is to listen to your body and try several heights over a period of time to achieve the most effective height.

Choosing the right tires and regulating tire pressure

Tires can also affect the comfort of riding an electric scooter. Choosing the type of tire for your type of ride will affect your comfort. Much like an electric scooter frame, tires are designed for specific terrain and riding styles. It is therefore important to consider what type of riding you do primarily, as there are hundreds of tire types to choose from, all with different treads, widths and sizes. Looking at the tires that came with your electric scooter is often a good starting point to determine which tires you should look at when upgrading.

After you've decided on your tires, try testing your tire pressures to find a balance between a smooth ride and a ride that is too rough and hard. For riders on rough hills, you may want to consider wider tires and lower tire pressures. This will increase tire traction on the track and give you better stability and more suspension, while also reducing rider fatigue levels. For city road riders, on the other hand, you may need to consider higher tire pressures depending on tire limitations.

Most importantly, to minimize rolling resistance, your tires should not exceed the maximum pressure recommended by the manufacturer. This can limit the ability of the rubber to withstand road imperfections and thus transmit violent vibrations to the rider.

Buy cycling gloves and helmets

Another thing to consider when it comes to riding comfort is the gloves you wear when riding. Most riders often ignore riding gloves, but they serve many different purposes such as shock absorption, better grip on the handlebars, protection from the weather and protection for your hands in the event of an accident. Before riding, you need to check that your riding gloves fit your hand size and finger length, and are neither too tight nor too loose.

Of course, a helmet is also essential to make your ride safer and to keep your head warm in the cold winter months.

Kugoo wants you to have a comfortable ride and with our selection of high quality and affordable electric scooters, we are sure we can help you find the best one for you.

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